Internet, like other revolutionary inventions, changed the course of development of human thought and made a great impact on lives of thousands of people. Introduction of new creative online projects and rapid technology improvement created a superb background for growth of Internet business.

Unlike three or four years ago, people are questioning the possibility of working over the net less but instead try to earn extra money or receive some freebies in their time either by taking up online jobs or participating in contests, giveaways or other promotional offers.

If you are reading this article, then you are probably willing to start making money online or work in your spare time with the help of your computer. Let us explain what the purpose of this project is and how it can change your vision of working online or doing business in this virtual world. project – Introduction is a five-year old blog created by people, who try out legit methods to earn money and share their thoughts with their users. The purpose for this is to show how many opportunities the virtual market has to offer and help others extract financial benefits from their online presence. And the main goals of this project are: to make a complete database of earning opportunities (with subdivision by categories); help beginners and experienced users avoid Internet scams by discussing various money-making methods and to build our road to financial independence together. And finally, the purpose for spending days writing content for this project is very simple – when we were starting, we had nobody to share such information with, so we learned how to find legit Internet jobs and investigate employer’s reputation but these reviews is just a contribution to thousands of web users with a hope that people will join us and help us building this database and picking the best ways to make money online.

Currently over 600 websites have been reviewed by IncomeBooster contributors. We hope that gradually we will be able to publish a series of detailed top-lists, the reference to which will be posted on this page. We are still working hard on developing a clear and understandable categorization of earning methods and would really be glad to hear any of your suggestions. But for now we decided to include more simple opportunities on top to encourage beginners and gradually go on describing more complex methods of online earning. We have no intention to say that there are easy online jobs. No work can be easy, it can only be exciting, so sometimes we mix these two things and instead of saying that we love our work, we say that it is easy for us.

Freelance work over the Internet

Freelance job offers

Freelance job offersFreelance workers are independent contractors, which work directly on employers’ projects. Everyone can become a freelancer and work in his/her spare time. Freelance jobs can be a great way to get extra income. As for finding freelance work, hundreds of Internet employers are using job marketplaces for finding independent contractors to accomplish their work. Mostly such job boards are free to register at and they don’t charge freelancers until they get paid from employers. Please be careful while bidding on freelance tasks, do your research, use your common sense lest you would fall into the traps of scammers. The best option for any freelancer is to recruit clients via their portfolio or with an upfront-payment. And now some of the best methods and resources for finding online work: (International) is a perfect resource for finding freelance opps on the Internet. A great number of small business owners is using PeoplePerHour to outsource their work, find reliable part-time workers or get any type of Internet-based service accomplished. Registration in this marketplace is totally free and all members get to use their free bids. (International) helps individuals find work on the Internet, contribute to their career development and make money in their free time. Users get to browse available jobs by skill or category. The most popular jobs include: writing and translation, customer service, web development, business services and networking systems.

Here we would present some of the most popular websites for listing your freelance services:

Selling freelance services

Selling freelance servicesApart from job marketplaces there are freelance job (gig) boards, where workers showcase their skills (services they are ready to provide) and wait until employers buy their services. Such gig websites have gained a tremendous popularity over the past several years and nowadays there are thousands of freelancers, which work from home by completing web gigs. (International) is the first and the best marketplace for selling small freelance services or products with prices starting at $5. On this site, workers offer varied tasks such as content writing, coding help, video creation, audio editing and so on. Dozens of users proved that this site can be used for setting up a real online business. Even the Time once reported that one of Fiverr freelancers managed to make $11,000 in a year by making funny videos for his clients. (International) is the second most visited resource of quick services or so-called gigs. Here freelancers register and showcase a range of jobs they are ready to do for the pay from $5 to $50. Currently users offer such services as business advice, translation services, all sorts of copywriting, movie-clip creation, programming services and so on.

Work for music producers

Work for music producersMusic production business is probably one of the best-paid on the market. People capable of creating quality music or have music editing skills can use several methods to work online and monetize their skills. Here are some sites, which can help you find audio-editing job leads. (International)

A European music distributor,, helps music bands, producers and artists get their music to hundreds of Internet stores and make money with it. This is one of the most advanced music promotion and monetization platform available and affordable for any musician. (International) is a free marketplace for music, sound effects and stock audio tracks. Music producers and sound-effect specialists can easily work online or set up their own music business by creating music tracks and selling them at Buyers on this site are always using for new sound effects for their sites, advertising and promo-videos, so skilled editors and music producers will have no trouble monetizing their music content. (International)

Donanza is a very useful tool for every person seeking for online employment. They synchronize Internet-based job listings from numerous sources into one website. Music producers can visit “audio editing” section to see for which type of work employers are currently paying.

More about this earning opp at (US only: part-time, full-time, freelance)
Web job boards provide a wide range of work for music specialists and is one of them. Being one of the leaders in this niche, Indeed is being used by thousands of business owners and employers for finding qualified workers for their music businesses.

More about this earning opp at

Work for video producers

Work for video producersWith video-sharing websites being on the top of their popularity, skilled video producers won’t have trouble finding projects to work on. Video editing jobs could be found on various freelance marketplaces, on media-creation sites, furthermore, getting clients from your portfolio is not a bad idea too. Here are some ideas and sites, where video creation and editing skills can be easily monetized. (International)

Video producers are treated to an innovative video monetization service from This ad network promises video producers and creators a chance to turn their content into money. With a minimum cashout set at 5 dollars and international payments with PayPal, this service is really worth giving a try. (International)

One of the Google’s most popular project, YouTube, is a video-sharing community with millions of visitors per day. Luckily, video producers can get a piece of the sites revenue by joining YouTube reward program. In order to earn money from your YouTube videos you need to have your own channel with videos (if you prossess video-editing skills, then creating such type of content is not going to be a problem for you) and a lot of people watching your videos. Once reached a certain amount of views, you will be offered to participate in YT reward program and make money from ads on your videos. (US only)

Would you like to make money by shooting quick 2-3 minute how-to videos for such popular Internet media websites as Ehow and Livestrong? is hiring filmmakers, who can take up local video shooting jobs, meet up with local talents and produce high quality video content for The pay per project ranges from $200 to $600 and some producers claim to be managing up to two shooting sessions per day.

Data entry

Data entryAmazon’s (International)

Amazon Mechanical Turk is an online marketplace for finding data-entry work. Most of the jobs (HITs) are created by Amazon sellers, who are looking for help with their online stores. HITs are quick Internet jobs, which cannot be done by computers as their completion requires human intelligence. Nowadays many external businesses hire Mechanical Turk members to accomplish data entry work. (US only: part-time)

Part-time call reviewing positions are open at The aim of this online job is to provide Humanatic customers with valid data about their phone calls – workers get to decided whether calls are from a potential customer, an existing client or whether the call is not important for the employer at all. For every correctly sorted calls a worker receives money. (International)

Another great community for finding quick Internet tasks and completing them for money is called Unlike other services of this type, MobileWorks employers are looking for accurate fulfillment of their requirements. The minimum withdrawal limit on this site is pretty low, which makes it easy to reach a minimum and get paid fast. (International)

A global marketplace of data entry jobs can be accessed from any FaceBook account via CloudCrowd application. Every user of this application is eligible to earn money at home by doing data entry work or other types of freelance work, including copywriting and transcription. members have an option of withdrawing their earnings to a PayPal account with only 1-day processing time.

Money-making opportunities for self-employed

By self-employment on the Internet we mean having own business or finding clients for your own services. With so many methods to earn money from home, self-employment has eventually become a reality. Bloggers, writers, affiliate marketers, designers and handmade artists use their skills for generating online income and enjoy the benefits of web self-employment.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketingThe art of selling products and services online is being practiced by affiliate marketers, who use their sites, blogs and forums to promote advertiser’s products and receive percentage from every item sold. Learning the secrets of affiliate marketing can be described as a time-consuming and challenging process but ones, who manage to accomplish this task, make good money, especially with these sites: (International)

Commission Junction invites website owners to make money with the help of their online advertising. They operate in the affiliate-marketing industry, which means that most of the ads by CJ placed on your sites pay for sales not for clicks. allows to browse advertiser’s products and generate specific ad codes to be placed on your sites. For every person, who clicks this code and generates a lead, a publisher earns money.


BloggingBloggers are treated to a good number of methods of earning money with their sites. They can choose between several available advertising formats for their projects (text ads, in-image ads, cost-per-click ads, affiliate advertising and so on).

Setting up a website is actually an easy task. You just need three things to get stated:

1) A domain name that reflects that topic of your future blog. Picking up a name could be done on such sites as NameCheap: Register Your Domains Hassle-Free with Namecheap starting at $3.98/year

Build Your Website with Namecheap - Get Privacy Protection Free Forever

2) The next step is getting a Interserver Web Hosting and VPS Plans account. This is where all of your files will be stored an a place, where your CMS would be installed.

3) WordPress is one of the best content management systems out there and it won’t take more than 5 minutes to set it up. Contact your hosting provider in order to get help installing WordPress. (International)

Adsense is the most wide-spread advertising network, which suits down to the ground almost all Internet bloggers. Due to its popularity, advertising by Google attracts millions of advertisers from all over the globe, this fact ensures showing relevant advertising on sites of any niche and makes high click-through rates possible. Yet another positive feature of this advertising network is that Adsense invites publishers from most of the countries.

Handmade crafts

Handmade crafts (International) offers money-making solutions for artists and creators of everything hand-made. This is a very popular online store of hand-made gifts, fashion items, accessories and clothing. Availability to buyers and sellers online increases the client-base tremendously and gives more chances to earn money online by selling hand-made things.

Virtual selling and auctions

Virtual selling and auctionsInternet auctions can also be used for setting up own web-business. These websites provide thousands of users with buying and selling options. As we are more interested in earning money, then we want to say that setting up an online store on one of the most popular auctions takes not more than an hour and money-making opps are just endless as people all around the globe can be your clients. (International)

Ebay is being used for buying and selling new and used items. Sellers make money from their products or services and have to pay only small fees. Today Ebay has local representation in several countries, which helps sellers reach their local customers.

Part-time or full-time online employment

On the web people can work part-time, full-time or choose to be independent contractors and make money online as freelancers or practice one of many earning methods, which is this list are mentioned as “other” or “opportunities for self-employed”.

In order to start working part-time or full-time online, an applicant usually has to go over a pre-screening process and sign some kind of agreement with the employer. Searching for such openings is most of the time accomplished via local job listings, online work marketplaces or via Internet search, as many companies have a “work for us” or “jobs” sections on their site, which enables people apply for a work in the company they like.

Please note, many sections of this rating will have “International” and “US only” notes. We decided to separate sites offering online work only to US resident and those accepting members regardless of their geographical location, as we don’t want you to waste your time checking out jobs, which may not be available in your country. Also, link provided in this post will lead you to a detailed review of the site, which interested you.

Job search engines

Job search enginesEveryday hundreds of employers use job boards to post their job lead with a hope of finding the right worker. All these open opportunities can be accessed from any computer and some sites even give a chance to apply for a job online (or send your resume via email). Unlike classified ads websites, job search engines prove to be a more secure resource for finding legit online and offline work. And now we would like to highlight some of the best sites within this sub-category: (US only: part- and full-time) is US-based job search engine, which allows people (mostly teenagers, work at home parents or other unemployed) browse local jobs and apply for them. On this resource users will have more luck finding offline jobs, while not that many employers outsource to Internet workers yet. (International: part- and full-time)

This is probably the largest search engine of jobs, which can be accomplished internationally and are suitable for work at home users. displays hundreds of new jobs every hour, so your chances of finding a good offer are pretty high. Additionally, if you own a website, you can earn additional revenue by placing a job board widget on your site.

Telecommuting jobs

Telecommuting jobsOne of the most rapidly growing approaches to employment, telecommuting, attracts more and more workers, as the main motto of telecommuters is “job is something you do, not something you drive to”. This work arrangement helps employees get their assignments done at places they prefer or feel comfortable working at, for instance, in the comfort of own home. Internet offers a large number of telecommuting jobs, which fall into different niches but we want to draw your attention to the most promising ones: (US only) is a company looking for new virtual assistants. Their workers make calls and do research for FancyHands clients. Learn more by visiting the review. (International)

Those, willing to get into transcription business should definitely check out This company hires workers regardless of their previous experience and pays $30 for every hour of audio turned into text. Payments are made in weekly basis via PayPal. (International)

Transcription is a newly emerged means of online work. The main job is to reproduce audio files by means of a typed text., for example pays 2-4 cents for every word you transcribe. (International) is hiring new workers to provide quality service for their customers, who need a lot of time-consuming work done in the shortest periods of time. Ziptask employees can find the latest gigs via special piece of software and receive credit for every second of their work accomplished. (US only: part-time) is a new Internet employer offering a call reviewer position to all US residents. If you are a stay at home parent, a student or a person willing to make some extra money in your free time, apply for a call-reviewing job at and work part-time online. (US only: full-time)

Professional transcription company,, is looking forward to hiring translators and skilled transcriptionists to their growing team. Applicants are to send their cover-letters with a job request.

Read more about this company on their website

Online work for transcriptionists

Online work for transcriptionistsOnline transcription is a type of work accomplished by independent contractors, who usually work at home editing recorded reports or transcribing varied data. People, doing this type of jobs mainly reproduce oral recorded speech into digital text with the help of top-notch software and additional gadgets. The most popular niches of web transcription are medical and legal ones. (International)

An easy chance to get into online transcription business is being offered by With no experience you can land this position and start making $10 per hour transcribing texts. This opportunity is offered by workers worldwide. (International)

A job board at Nuance Transcription Services website has some open positions for medical transcriptionist (both US-based and international). Browse available openings and send your application to secure a job.

More about this earning opp at

Virtual jobs for teachers

Virtual jobs for teachersTeaching professions is one of the hardest among others but humanity cannot do without it. Qualified educators are always in a big demand and Internet is not an exception. With online education in full swing, virtual colleges and universities invite more and more teachers, lectors and tutors to teach online and make money from home. (US only) offers an incredible opportunity for US certified teachers to take up online teaching classes and earn money from home. Every teacher will get professional training, which will enable him/her to conduct least 10 hours of classes per week.

More about this earning opp at (US only)

A legit work at home opportunity is being offered to medical transcriptionists by Currently they hire for a number of positions – resumes can be submitted via email or with the help of their online application form.

More about this earning opp at (International) is a free public school for students learning from home, which is looking for teachers and tutors. Their online job board is often updated with new positions and job openings for both online and offline teachers.

Internet-based tutoring positions (US only) gives a real chance to earn money by doing tutoring jobs. If you have teaching experience and would like to earn money by helping students reach new heights, then you should definitely apply for this position. (US only)

Math and science tutors can turn they knowledge into money with This service lets you gain access to thousands of unsolved problems and math equations. By solving them you start gaining points every time someone access your answer to the question or problem. All these views accumulate you money, which are withdrawable to your PayPal account. (US only)

Virtual tutoring positions are open to educators with eligibility to work in the United States. company always hires tutors specializing in various topics, including biology, finance, writing and nursing.

More about this earning opp at

Job leads for translators (International) is an Internet job source for US-based translators. If you know several languages and interested in an opportunity to generate extra income on the web, then apply as a Gengo translator. It doesn’t take a lot of your time and it is worth trying.

Other work at home opps

Not for the first time on this page we mention that this list of best methods of making money online is bound to be updated, edited and improved but until that all uncategorized job leads and earning opportunities will end up in this section. (International)

Information specialists are invited to work at Apply to become a member of a team of specialists, which make their living by delivering business research services to a wide range of international companies. Pay-rates reach up to 80 dollars per hour and money is paid via PayPal.

More about this earning opp at

Other jobs and methods to earn is a best resource for make money online related news and tutorials. We are here to help you find a work at home job, begin an online freelance career, set up or improve an Internet-based business.

Did you know that you could make money doing something you are already doing now? Just like playing free online games, using search engines, trying products, shopping at your favorite stores? There are so many ways of earning money from home, we didn’t even know where to start (it took us years to collect all data we currently have here). So we have started with this project,, where posted over 600 popular work from home opportunities and we are not stopping at here. So what you will actually learn here is how to start making money online with or without the website (because not everyone knows how to create and promote a website) and our cool guides and walk troughs will help you a lot (we are pretty confident in our content). We are adding more and more articles, reviews, how-to guides, online job leads and work opportunities daily, so we highly recommend you to subscribe to our news feed (you will receive all guides and tutorials to your email box for free). We do value your privacy, that is why the process is handled by Google’s Feedburner, more info could be found on our subscription page.

Earn money writing content

Earn money writing contentWith time passing there are more and more websites online. Some people create their own sites for personal use, some try to turn their websites into a full-time business opportunity. But the thing, which unites these two categories of people, is the need for new, fresh, unique and keyword-rich content. It goes without saying, not everyone is capable of creating quality articles but they still need these to push their project to the top and beat the competitors. So usually they order professional content writing services from people, who possess good command of English language and specialize in the suitable niche for them.

Internet attracts thousands of writers, who are looking forward to earning money with their writing art. You can join the army of online writers and take up one of numerious content writing jobs.

Visit “Earn money writing content” category for latest posts and reviews

Online work for ghostwriters (International)

Ghostwriting obtained its prevalence on the Internet, where many blog authors would rather buy content from a ghostwriter than hire a real writer or pay an employee to run a corporate blog (this applies mostly to businesses). If you would like to earn money by writing blog posts for sale, then you should definitely check out This is a marketplace of blog posts, where blog writers showcase their content and earn money by selling full rights for it. Bloggers set their own rates per article and need to earn just $25 in order to request a PayPal payment. (International)

International article and ebook writers are invited to join to gain access to hundreds of well-paid online jobs. The registration on this site is totally free and users are treated to a variety of writing tasks and have a chance to withdraw their earnings via one of the suggested options. (International) is a community for travelers, who like describing tourist destinations, sharing travel reviews and uploading photos of places they have visited. According to IgoUgo rewards program, by contributing to this community, any member can accumulate points and redeem them for prizes.

Internet-based copywriting jobs (International) is a professional content creation and Internet marketing company currently hiring new workers. Skilled workers get a chance to earn money by creating texts for InteractMedia’s clients. (United States, UK, Australia or Canada) is inviting skilled freelance writers to work with their clients and make money by doing so. After filling out an application form and becoming a part of CopyPress team, every writer is treated to at least 10 writing jobs per week but rates start at $0.01/word though. (International)

Getting into the professional writing business is not an easy thing. Well known media websites require applicants to have at least one reasonable sample., on contrary, serves as a bridge to a professional writing world, where any writer can monetize his/her skills by applying to be a writer for internationally popular companies. (International) is an innovative Internet marketplace, where advertisers can buy better advertising texts for their campaigns. Writers, in their turn, receive a unique chance to make money by writing such ad texts. By creating attention grabbing advertising texts, which will ensure high click though rates, copywriters receive a chance to make money. (US only)

With educators, journalists and researchers receive a superb chance to get an Internet-based job and work online on creating educational content. Workers at Remilon get to sign a contract and complete a minimum amount of work for their pay (which is about $8 per hour). The requirements are: at least 15 hours of work per week or 5 well-researched published articles. (International)

Locating legit copywriting jobs can be a challenge, especially considering the fact that any writer would rather spend time creating copywriting material for his/her employer, then spend precious hours finding jobs and bidding on freelance projects., professional copywriting company, hires new copywriters to work on their projects. Applicants can be either professionals with multiple years of experience or graduates willing to make money by writing.

Content publishing platforms (get paid to write on revenue sharing basis) (International)

Squidoo content publishing platform allows beginner and expert writers share their work on the Internet and make money with it. Over the years this website has turned into a real unit of knowledge, where writers, journalists and editors publish their content, interact with readers, improve their skills and receive money from their content. has worked very well for all members of our team and currently the revenue record from a single article stands at $85.

Writing jobs with upfront pay (International)

Are you a computer illustration professional looking for a way to monetize your design skills? is a community hiring new contributors and paying them $150 for every accepted tutorial. Visit their website and learn more about this incredible offer. (International)

Photoshop and after effect specialists get a unique possibility to monetize their knowledge and skills by contributing to TutorialBoard community. For every accepted tutorial contributor receives $150 to his/her PayPal account. (International)

An extremely powerful content creation and distribution network offers online employment possibilities for such types of workers: bloggers, writers, researchers, copyeditors and filmmakers. The level of required expertise is very high, so mostly professionals get accepted to work with and this fact should not hold you back from applying. (International)

Rapidly growing Internet community is on the lookout for new professional writers and editors for their online project, With LovetoKnow writers get to create content on basis of their expertise and receive an approximate of 15 tasks per month, $20 each.

Leads for poetry writers

Blue Mountain Arts (International)

Poetry writers and creators for contemporary prose have an incredible opportunity to make money with their verses. Blue Mountain Arts is looking for innovative poetry to be used in their greeting cards. Send your poems today and get a chance to earn $300 for every approved submission.

Get paid to post on public forums

Get paid to post on public forumsNowadays there are more and more new web forums and bulletin board which are looking for experienced people to boost their forums with quality content. Like other types of websites, forums are capable of generating good revenues to their owners. Forum managers in their turn don’t mind rewarding their active members with various prizes or real cash.

Forum posters can use several methods to earn by using forums: finding forum posting jobs on freelance marketplaces; using sponsored forums; becoming a member of a forum boosting company. Speaking for the terms, every post made should be about 30-40 words long, which doesn’t take a lot of time to do. An average price (this field varies a lot, so it is an approximate amount) for every 100 posts fluctuates between 10$ and 25$.

Visit “Get paid to post on public forums” category for latest posts and reviews (International)

Forum owners are always looking for new, fresh and interactive content for their websites. The creation of was prompted by the idea of supplying forums with the best content and writers with a great opportunity to make money by writing forum posts. The pay per post rates reach up to 8 cents per reply and money is paid via PayPal.

Get paid to review websites and services

Get paid to review websites and servicesLet’s start with a quick test – just look around and see how many household items and electronics surround you and now please answer one question: “Have you ever referred to Internet resources, when was not sure about buying some product?”. If you have, then you probably understand how this niche works.

Companies hire writers to do research and write reviews of things they have tried or know a lot about. This online job would work like charm to anyone because we have many appliances in your houses, we try different services on daily basis, so there will be no problem deciding what to write about. We have made a full category of sites, which “pay to review” websites, services and other things.

Visit “Get paid to review websites and services” category for latest posts and reviews

Get paid to create reviews (International)

If you like writing on the Internet, then you know what top-list article format. It has become extremely popular recently, as readers are more likely to read an already-made list of their favorite things, rather than spend hours doing research. is the website helping writers make money with their top-lists and reviews of things or services they like.

Usability testing (International)

A company providing their customers with expert advice in the field of site usability is looking for website testers. Testers hired for the job get to give their opinions about customers’ Internet properties and complete requested tasks to earn money. The pay rates for every test accomplished in equal to $8. (United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom only)

A company specilizing in website testing and usability reviews,, is hiring paid testers via Amazon Mturk marketplace. Current pay-rates for every test accomplished are equal to $10 and testers receive their money via bank transfer or cash credits for spending on (International)

Are you keen on the latest Internet technology developments or checking our and evaluating websites? is a global website friendliness testing service currently hiring workers for this type of work. For writing a review and giving your critical analysis of functionality of a selected website you will receive a one time payment of $10. (International)

Usability testers and website reviewers are invited to register at, accomplish usability testing jobs and receive money for every video-review of selected websites. Testers receive $10 per test and money is paid to a PayPal account of yours.

Get paid to listen and review music

Get paid to listen and review musicMusic industry is strongly represented on the Internet: millions of music tracks are being sold digitally via world wide web.Like any other industry, in order to get higher revenues music companies promote their tracks and invest a lot of money in advertising.

Online advertising is varied but nothing sells music better than good reviews from real music lovers. This is where the survey panels find their representation and recruit music experts, who receive a superior chance to review music with a chance of getting paid or receiving prizes for their valuable feedback. Lets take a look at some of the best resources for winning (cash) prizes by listening to the music.

Visit “Get paid to listen and review music” category for latest posts and reviews (US only)

Music lovers with the help of get an incredible chance to gain access to latest music work created by new and well-known bands from all over the world. By listening to music tracks and leaving honest replies, music fans earn special points, which can be exchanged for real PayPal cash.

Make money online playing games

Make money online playing games“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is a very popular proverb which means that without having rest and fun every person becomes bored and dull. Creative Internet marketers give us a chance to combine your work and rest by offering a method to earn money and various prizes by playing games and participating in contests. Yes, you have heard me right, now there are sites on the market enabling us to make money online resting, having fun and playing games. Some websites will pay you to test their arcade or PC/Mac games for a reward. You can just play them and look for bugs, errors, ect. and then write a review based on this game. Some online projects allow you to participate in gaming contests and win prizes for your activity.
But how is this possible? Well, advertising is the answer. Websites which offer you such rewards for you activity have sponsors and some advertising on the sites, so they can afford it, trust us. Earning money by playing games can be turned into a serious business if you are a big gaming fan and decide to create your own site with game reviews. This way you will be able to generate affiliate profits by advertising the newest gaming gear on your site.

Visit “Make money online playing games” category for latest posts and reviews

Play games online for money (International) is an Internet-based game, where users can turn their game-money into real cash (in Euro-currency at the moment). This game can be played directly from your browser (IE or Firefox) and it is carried out in the form of XVII’s century simulator. Players fight for their right to improve political, economic and military situation and earn game-points for this. As it was already mentioned, all points earned in the game can be withdrawn.

Win prizes for playing trivia games (International) is one of the few websites that offer prizes for playing trivia-games online. This web project treats its users to a variety of free trivia games, arranges tournaments between players and rewards them with special prizes for their activity.

Earn cash with game blogging

Computer gaming world is growing every day. New games are being created and released and people have a lot of fun testing such computer inventions. But sometimes accomplishing levels or unlocking new stages in games are challenging tasks. That is why we frequently visit Internet blogs to find solutions to our gaming questions. But if you are an experienced computer-gamer and would like to make some easy money for doing things that excite you, think about starting own game blog and earn by adding sponsored ads to your posts.

Earn money online with social networks

Earn money online with social networksGradually social networks gained tremendous popularity and these days almost all Internet users spend time on social networks communicating with friends, watching videos and sometimes even following thematic groups to check out interesting services and product.

Apart from becoming a major medium of communication, social networks have a lot of advertising and promotional offers, which enables its users to think about methods to earn with social sites.

Visit “Earn money online with social networks” category for latest posts and reviews

Ways to earn with Twitter advertising

Ways to earn with Twitter advertising (International)

Twitter micro-blogging system is being used by millions of people and many users managed to become very popular on this website. If you belong to the list of such users and would like to earn extra money with the help of Twitter advertising, then is a website you should consider signing up for. They offer a secure method to mix sponsored tweets into your account and make money per every tweet posted. (International) is a free-to-join advertising platform for FaceBook and Twitter users with many followers. By sharing your images and videos on these social networks, you can generate additional income revenue by using Staree.

Methods to make money on FaceBook

Methods to make money on FaceBook is the most popular social network in the world. Millions of daily visitors turn it not into a great tool for communication but also into a virtual advertising marketplace. Marketers and business owners use FaceBook ads for attracting potential clients to their products but this is not the only method of earning. The capability of adding applications to FB, made it possible to use this site for generating income and winning cool prizes. (US only)
Every day shopping can be not just money-consuming but sometimes even profitable, especially for users. This social service helps manufacturers collect information about their products and services. There are many benefits of using this website, it helps its users get discounts on shopping, earn money by referring new members and completing fun quests.

Tools to earn money for webmasters

Methods to earn money for webmastersEvery website has a potential of attracting potential customers to both online and offline business and consequently generate a steady income to its owner. Creation of top-class websites can be compared to a top-class art because the owner has to fulfill the needs of thousands of users. This is not an easy task but website monetization is not a walk in the park either. A webmaster has to pick which type of advertising matches his/her website the most to reach maximal revenue. Luckily we have accomplished half of the task for you and found and reviewed best advertising networks, which offer such types of site ads:

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PPC advertising

The most popular advertising network on the market, backed by the number one search engine in the world, gives webmasters a great chance to earn money with ads on their sites on pay-per-click basis. Depending on the niche on the site and country of the visitor, price per click ranges from 1 cent to 5 dollars.

Affiliate networks (International)

CB is definitely the largest resource for finding affiliate products to promote for revenue. If you have a blog or personal website with a decent amount of money and would be interested in making money by promoting advertiser’s products by placing links to them from your website. ClickBank advertisers provide high revenue share to publishers and turn this site into a decent resource for making money on the web.

Text link advertising (International)

Additional money-making method is being missed out by many bloggers and website owners. TLA network gives a chance to earn money by placing relevant advertisers’ text links on pages of your site. The amount of cash paid for every link placed is calculated by the number of website’s traffic and Google PR. Publishers get paid for every day of link placement and withdraw their earnings on monthly basis.

In-text advertising (International)

Are you interesting in monetizing your website or blogs with ads, which take almost no space on pages. Infolinks ads are showed only when visitors rest their mouse cursors on special ad keywords. Such Internet advertising has proved to be very profitable and hundreds of webmasters start using it every day. Infolinks publishers earn a 70% revenue share and money earned on this advertising network supports numerous withdrawal options, including PayPal and wire transfer.

In-Image Advertising (International)

Usage of an innovative approach of advertising can set up an additional income stream from your website. is an Internet advertising network offering cost-per-click and CPM in-image ads for any site. Apart from allowing their publishers to monetize graphic content, GumGum has two more money-making widgets: in-image toolbar and relevant sponsored results.

Make money by writing blogs

Make money by writing blogsArticles in blogs and news aggregators take up a decent share in the overall amount of web information. Nowadays blogs and social sites are shaping up to the main sources of new information. With so much new content these types of sites are attracting more and more users daily and one of the main Internet rules is traffic equals to stable online income.

Blogging is a bit different from other types of written content. First of all it is characterized by an impersonal tone and this characteristic feature usually attracts a lot of readers because they feel that content is being written by a person for them and they get to interact with the author on their favorite topics. Blogs can be written by everyone, who possess the needed knowledge and has a good command of English language. So, if you are interested in blogging for money, then you have such earning options:

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Blogging jobs (International)

The ProBlogger Job Board helps employers find skilled writers for their online projects, while experienced bloggers and copywriters use it for landing a perfect freelance, part-time or full-time blogging job. Positions within various niches are being added on daily basis but before applying please keep in mind that ProBlogger job board users want only the best content for their Internet projects.

Writing blog posts (US only)

Professional blog-content creation service is willing to hire new ghostwriters. The registration of this site is totally free but only US writers are eligible to join. Upon registration, writers get access to a list of blog post titles and keywords on basis of which an article is to be written. Currently the pay per post rates are standing at 8 dollars each.

Flipping blogs and creating sites for sale (International)
Succeeded in creating a profitable blog once? Why not try doing it over and over again and sell such websites for profit. Blog flipping is a superb business these days, as more and more people want to buy an Internet business and go on managing it. is a buy-sell websites marketplace, where any webmaster can list his/her website and keep money generated by the sale.

Earning money with guest blogging (International)

Do you have experience in the webmastering or web-design niche and would like to make money as a guest blogger? One of the best resources for webmaster news,, accepts guest blog posts and additionally wishes to reward its contributors by paying money for every published guest blog post. (International)

Web design and programming specialists, don’t miss out on your chance of earning money as a SmashingMagazine contributor. Well-written, meaningful blog posts will be published on one of the best resources for designers. And not only will you get a lot of exposure to your work, SmashingMagazine owners provide generous payments to their contributors too.

Earn money using search engines

Earn money using search enginesMajor search engines are generating immense profits from advertising on their pages. New search engines are looking forward to attracting loyal users to their site by giving freebies and gifts to their users. These so-called sponsored search engines award their members with special points for every search query accomplished. In the end of the month, every user is eligible to redeem his/her points (prizes usually include gift cards, movie tickets, electronics, ect). These days such “get paid to search” websites cannot be treated as an earning opportunity but only a great method to win free prizes and get discounts in various Internet stores.

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Innovative search engine called Irazoo was gradually transformed into a freebie community, where registered users win extraordinary prizes by playing games, completing sponsored offers, watching videos, filling out surveys and searching the Internet. Furthermore, Irazoo users have a chance to improve their point balance by referring new members. All points earned can be used for buying items from Irazoo prize store.

Internet photography business

Get paid to share photosWith modern, highly developed technology almost everyone can being creating photography art. We bet there are millions of people, who like taking photos and editing them to achieve a desired effect. No matter if you are a beginner-photographer or a photo-professional, Internet stock photography agencies will help you take a step towards professional photography career and make money online with your photos.
Additionally, we are constantly finding interesting online jobs for photographers and post them in our blog. So, photographers have several opportunities to work online and generate legit income and the main of them are:

Stock photography agencies (International)

Internet marketplace for buying photos, vectors and illustrators opens its doors to photographers and designers. Earning potential at ShutterStock is pretty high, as contributors can make from $0.25 to $75.00 for every submission. (International)

Photographers get a unique opportunity to earn money with their photos. DepositPhotos is a marketplace of royalty-free photos with open registration for contributors. Photographers have a chance to upload their photos and generate revenues whenever someone buys these images. Sellers get 40%-60% of money generated from image sales. (International) offers a file sharing service, which enables its users to sell their documents online. Music, videos, documents, ebooks and other digital files can be sold on this website for quick money.

Image sharing sites (pay per view) (International)

If you are actively sharing your photos on Ebay, forums or social networks, then you can make extra money from your graphic content by using hosting. By adding images to this site and sharing them on the services described above, you can earn money for every generated view ($0.22 per 1000 pic views). Even though such rates don’t sound very high but popular content is capable of generating good revenues.

Video-content monetization

Video-content monetizationYouTube, Metacafe and Vimeo these are just some of the world’s most popular sources for Internet video material. However, these platforms are not just used for becoming popular on the web, many producers create videos for a living. If you are into filming and shooting videos and would like to host your own show on the web, then here are some tools to enable you start making extra money online by creating videos or providing video-editing services.

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Video content is the most viral on the Internet. Users share it and spread awesome videos with their friends and family members. If you have a video-blog or create interesting movies and would like to earn extra money with it, then platform can help you with video content monetization.

Free paid surveys and discount shopping

Free paid surveys and discount shoppingHave you ever filled in a survey application in a hotel or in some retail store? Usually these companies are looking for your feedback about their business, products and services. They ask you about the quality of their service, pros, cons and what to improve. But volunteers usually don’t provide all the information they need, so business/company owners pay survey panels to gather useful information for them.

Many survey panels hire people online and pay them money to provide user feedback about products or services they have tried or opt in for getting free samples, which they get to try out and review. Internet survey panels went over several stages of evolution and nowadays there are even mobile applications allowing survey takers to provide their opinion while being in store. In exchange they receive money, discounts and various prizes including gift cards, movie tickets or electronics.

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Want to learn how to manage your finances and be smart about saving? is a service intended to teach people how to save money and reward them for excellence in such a learning route. Save money and win prizes for this. (International)

Internet shoppers can use for locaing the latest deals from their favorite Internet stores and get cash back up to 30% on purchases in their favorite online stores. All these earnings are accumulated in member accounts and can be withdrawn to PayPal or via check once a member earns at least $25. (US only)

Not the best fit for the category but this is a very interesting earning concept. TaskRabbit is looking for people, who are willing to complete simple tasks (just like doing grocery shopping for someone else) in exchange for cold hard cash. Help your community members and receive real money or a PayPal deposit. (International) is one of the best international free paid survey website offering awesome deals to their members. We have been recently paid by them and right now would like to show our payment and provide some tips for earning. (International)

Would you like to earn money by doing something you already do but for free? is an international survey panel offering its members a chance to earn additional $50-$250 per month taking surveys, playing games and trying products. (International: selected countries)

College students are always on the look-out for extra money. They take up part-time jobs and try to save as much money as they could. helps students (and not only, currently anyone is eligible to take advantage of this service) save money on shopping by providing a great variety of free coupons and cash-back in a about six hundred of Internet stores and about as many offline stores, malls and restaurants. All money saved with are payable via checks, could be counted towards education payments or can be invested for extra revenue. (US only)

Shopping on the Internet has become a common thing to us. We use online stores to save money, as many things in the virtual marketplace prove to be cheaper. Also, like in real life, we use coupons to get additional discounts. But did you know that sharing these coupons with CouponChief community can earn you extra cash? List your coupon codes at and get money every time someone uses your codes. All money earned with the help of coupon-sharing can be redeemed for real PayPal cash. (US only)

CheckPoints managers created a cell-phone application, which turns your shopping route into a fun quest. Visit the stores mentioned on the display of your cell-phone, scan bar-codes of suggested products, participate in quests and refer new members – all these actions will increase your point balance. All earned points can be redeemed for special prizes, discounts or real cash.

Earning tips for students and graduates

Earning tips for students and graduatesHigh school students and graduates are always looking for quick cash. They can surely try paid tutoring with one of the resources we have already listed on this page. But eventually we found methods to earn money via Internet, which were to be fitted into a totally separate section here. (US only)

An Internet book buyout service is looking for increasing their stock by buying used books and audiobooks from current and former students. So instead of letting your used books lay around and gather dust, sell them for quick profit at The shipping is totally free, so you don’t need to spend anything to sell your books online. (US only) is one more interesting opportunity for US-based students to make money with books they are not using for education any more. Cash4Books buys books up to four years old and guarantees to give you the best rates for your used college/high school books.

Helpful guides and resource lists

Finding Internet jobs and opportunities to earn money from home is not an easy thing to do. Beginners never find the process of finding online work a joy ride. The main reason for this is that it takes time to start understanding which resources are reliable and which are not. IncomeBooster team has years of experience in this field, so we decided to help you out and provide helpful guides, tutorials and lists of best resources for finding home-based work and now we are even building a list of best employment sites by niche. So here is some content already published by our team:

List of work opportunities for experts

Many online communities are looking for knowledgeable users for their communities with a chance of earning money by answering questions, contributing to their community and sharing expert advice. For years our team has been making a list of sites, which provide methods to make extra income with own knowledge and now when it is published, you can find it on this page (20+ resources):

Guide to making money with surveys and product reviews

Even though such earning opportunity as “free paid surveys” is not as popular as it was three-four years ago but still survey method has a lot of fans. In the fullness of time we have published a complete guide for Internet users interested in generating extra revenue by trying products, testing services and taking various web-based questionnaires.

Scam offers and expired opportunities

The ups and downs of Internet business provide a solid ground for some companies to flourish but some companies are forced to close their doors. As the result, there are companies, which can not pay their users anymore or have suspended their “online job” opportunities. However, we do not want anyone be fooled on the web, so we have opened a scam area , where all doubtful, scam and closed opportunities will be placed. There are many dishonest employers, who we managed to locate and spread the word about them but we would really love your help here too – if you know other sites which are not legal and want to secure other people from falling into the hands of Internet scammers, please leave us a comment.

Upcoming additions

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