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Surveys and polls belong to the list of vital business research methods, as they help to form the attitude of the target audience towards company’s products and services. But nowadays adults tend to be very busy and not always find time to fill out the surveys sent even by the companies they like.

That is why modern marketing experts try to reconsider the idea of surveying the representatives of the target audience with an aim of collecting needed data. Reaching such a goal may be possible with the help of modern technology and incentives.

We have seen some services, which pay the representatives of various social groups for their opinions but a company called has come up with a brand new concept and we’d like to dwell upon it.

What is is a business research company, which is trying to motivate users with financial rewards to be more active in answering questions about companies, service and products they use. is paying for answering quick questions

They have developed a series of applications and services to make answering questions as convenient as possible – there are web based and phone applications.

If you would like to learn about this opportunity, please visit this page:

Based on your age, gender and location you will be getting random questions about local and nationwide services. A quick answer to the question will earn you up to $1. These questions pop up in the mobile application, so answering can be done on the go.

Please note that currently 1Q accepts registrations from US only.

They may change this regulation later but we cannot tell for sure. But we would like to recommend to our international readers several alternative sites to make money by answering questions:, Rewarder,,,,,,,

We do like the idea standing behind the 1Q service but it is for US residents only. Please tell us what you think about it and maybe share a success story of yours.

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