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1st Step To Making Money Online By Sharing Files

Earning money with file hosting is a lot of fun, and I might have got you excited by my previous post about earning money on the net. It was sort of a introduction post to “making money with files” series, so I will continue developing my idea hoping that you already know the advantages of and

In my little experiment I proved that anyone can earn cash by sharing files, but there are several things your Internet income will depend on (if you decide to use this technique):

1) The amount of effort you plan to invest – as I’ve told you before, you can earn even without having a website or by creating a free website. In my situation, I did buy a domain for a project and later moved off to the self hosted WordPress website, which gave me higher Adsense CTR.

2) The niche you pick – some niches tend to be over saturated or hard to find material for. You can always go for any niche you want, but if you plan to make money fast, try to find the one, which has a lot of potential visitors, but no competitors. I won’t recommend you some sort of warez downloads (unless you are doing some good promotion on public forums and blogs).

3) Competition – as I have already mentioned just now, the less competitors you have, the more money you can make (some specific niches don’t have competitors, but don’t generate downloads either).

Guide To Earning With Files

In my situation – my niche was just perfect. Know why? Not even 60% of know that they can use .xml templates on their blogs, so they stick to default ones. As for the competition, it’s pretty wear too considering the fact that bloggers just start spearing the rumors about this, so no one really knows.

If you are still wondering what you can try sharing, here are some ideas:

# Stuff for bloggers and webmasters – create packs of top 10 (whatever number of) plug-in, template, software, vector, PSD, CMS list (with files included in the archive). Personally, I tend to look for Top 10 lists on the net, so this is a killer mix.

Answer to a question:

“Why can’t we just download 10 files instead of one top 10 list? We can get 10 times as much!”

Well, the reason why I asked you, whether you know anything about earlier in this post. The deal is that you get paid only for files larger then 2MB (ten files will give you something like 10-20 megs). As for the second statement – file sharing websites changed their policies, and now they pay only for 1 download from a single account (you get credit just for 1 file from 1 ip every 24 hours, I know it sucks). The problem can be solved by multiple accounts, but it makes this method more complex, and I wouldn’t really like to get caught (better safe then sorry).

# Wallpapers and various graphics

# Short movies, clips or stuff connected with some artist or rock start

# Literary everything you can think of or promote

In conclusion to this post, I recommend you at least to try out earning money with this stuff. Picking niche is very important, but creating a promotional website and actually promoting your links is more complex. We’ll talk about that make money online technique later.

Guess you know what to start with now.

The complete guide to earing money with files can be found here.


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