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3 Simple Ways To Make Money With Brand New Blog

Recently I have found out that the amount of blogs in doubling in every 6 month. So what is so attractive about blogs, or how you could make a fortune out of one.
I’m actually trying out this program and I have to say – it is just great! A good blog is a gold mine! Setting up a blog is an easy process, you just have to follow my lead. It this post I will show you how to set up a blog, make it look good and the final thing how to monetize it!

Step 1

Assuming that you don’t have any money for domain or hosting, lets “make money out of air”. Just go and register yourself a free blog with a shared domain name. Blogger is just the best place to do it. Some say it’s a blog engine for newbies, but I’d say its a powerful tool you can turn into money maker! So just go and create yourself an account. After you click register you’ll be asked to create a username and password for your blog account. Also you will be up to pick a domain name, but before you make that up, pick yourself a good idea about your blog. Just find a topic you like to talk about (that will be handy for you in the future). My topic is – “Making Money Online And Working From Home”, you can do something like “Nokia N Series Blog” or “Unofflcial Apple Blog”. It’s just up to you. When you have come up with a topic, make up a cool domain, something short and catchy, but I has to match your blog topic too.

Step 2
After you’ve decided on a suitable username and password for your blog account, you can start creating your blog. When you create your blog you’ll have to choose a name for it and choose a template to design it around. After you’ve done those two things your blog is created. But when it comes to the look, you have to concentrate on it. What I have done with this one – I googled “Blogger Themes” and I have found just tons and tons of free templates you can use on When you have that, lets do some posting. And it is the hardest part, you have to admit that!

Create the first post telling a bit about yourself and the aim of your blog, just to be nice to people who will read it. Then write about anything related to your niche. If it’s a “Nokia N Series” blog, then find some material about that (that will be your post basement). Google some Nokia news or go to and blog about all available cell phone models and stuff. Also keep in mind that it’s better to create 400+ word posts.
Step 3

When you have come with more then 10 posts, it’s just time to monetize it (but keep in mind, the more ofter you blog, the better for you). The best monetization methods for new blogs are :

1.Google Adsense is the most common monetizer for a new blog. You can automatically add ads to your site with blogger. The layout used here is the most profitable
2.Affiliate programs are profitable too, but you need to get some traffic before you can earn with these programs.
3.Paid reviews – the most profitable one probably. You can earn a lot of money with this method, but before you do so, you need a lot of traffic and Google PR

After you make your blog post, submit your blog post to article directories with a link back to your blog. Once this is done, start the process over again with a new product. There are a lot of others traffic generation methods and most of them are easy. According to my experience, you can easily earn money with Yahoo Answers by monetizing the traffic. Digg and StumbeUpon are some more examples that can give you even more readers.

But I can go on and on, there are so many stuff you tell you. So there are some techniques you can use to make money with blogs. Do whatever to make your website good looking!


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