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A New Way To Monetize Your Website Space With Performancing Ads!

I have just found a brand new earner for your new blog. This way of earning works with any website and it is good for new and established blogs. This advertising programs helps you to monetize your 125×125 pixel blog ads. It is very easy to add those to your site with Performancing Ads’s widget.

Well I will tell you more about this website :

How old and reliable is it?

Performancing Ads has been created a long time ago, I think 2006, but they had to close down for a while due to some technical issues. And now they are up with a brand new website for you.

Does exactly Performancing Ads system work?

There have been a lot of rumors that is it more profitable to sell 125X125 ads on your site, but I think that Performancing Ads is a way better choice. They offer you a whole advertising system dedicated to 125X125 banners. You can paste their snipped to your site and set up a price for every ad on your blog. This makes it very easy for you to manage your ads and Performancing Ads’s marketplace is a great source of income. Also if you are looking for more traffic, you can exchange traffic hits with other bloggers (that is a cool feature they have)

How high are the payouts?

Everything depends on your blog actually. You can sell ad spots on your blog for as many as you want as soon as you have enough orders. A reasonable price for a blog ad on website like is like 5-20$ per ad a month.

Is there a referral program?

Apparently there is. Performancing Ads pays 10$ for every publisher or advertiser you refer. Also you will receive 5% out of publisher’s purchases. Here is how it works :

Let’s say that you refer 2 new advertisers per month and each spends an average of $250 per month. Within 1 year, you’d be making a cool $300 per month in 100% passive income.
But wait. Let’s say that you referred 5 new advertisers per month. Now you’re talking over $750 per month after 1 year.
As you can see, the opportunities here are endless.
So sign-up to be an affiliate today.

Conclusion : If you are really looking to monetize your brand new blog, then Performancing Ads is a program you have to try. They have a lot of monetization and traffic generation methods you can try for sure. Because it doesn’t hurt to try, especially when you are paid for doing so!


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