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Making money on the Internet is a lot of fun, if you actually know how to get started and what to do. Earning money by writing online is one of the simplest ways of getting a free and fast Internet income. As a freelance writing newbie, you can make good money online, trust me.

Sooner or later you will find writing as passion and maybe will create your own Internet blog, just like I did with several years ago. It has been a lot of fun with me – to test various make money online programs and tell people more about it.

Today I want to update my old post about earning money with, and here you can see my old post, regarding this get paid to blog website. gives you an opportunity to share your point of view, to be published and to have your voice heard by large numbers of readers.

They take care of the technology, hosting, graphic design and marketing. There are no fees to you. So your blog is being promoted, you just have to write. pays you $4 per blog entry ($3 during 90 day training period). 2-3 posts per day would be about 75 posts and ~$300 per month.

All blog entries should be over 300 words. You also get 5% from ads on your blog. So working 40 minutes a day would give you over 300$ a month.

Ok, here is the place where my mega short post ends and I can give you more information about this website. As for me, it is better to work with some serious website, because at some point you will reach a success point and Internet will become you main income stream (writing for is a great example, because you can earn up to 1075$ a month posting several articles a week).

At you can apply for a blogger position and earn $3-$5.5 per one 300+ word posts. Here you can literary share your passion and favorite topics (I am sure that you have one, especially if you have some special degree).

According to the website, anyone can apply for this program by writing a short sample, which will be reviewed by’s staff member. If you perform well, you can get even more money for posting online, it’s very simple. Also there are no limits for writing posts – some’s authors write once or twice a week, but others manage to write 100+ posts a month (which is about $300-$550 a month – not that bad).

By visiting the link – you can find out more about this program – requirements for joining, frequently asked questions and other misc stuff.

I do hope that you will be accepted to this website, and will start earning money online by blogging, and maybe leave me some posts regarding your experience about

But if you think that you are not that strong in grammar and don’t know if you can make a good writer, you can have some practice by creating your owm Hub at and track the comments from the readers.

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