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Additional Way to Make Money with a Website – Review

At a first glance Internet business is not complex at all – if you want to make money online you just find a good advertiser, work with him and get paid for doing so. But nowadays there are so many ad networks and types of advertising that it is easy to get lost in no time.

Google Adsense still remains the best monetization system for blogs but such ad networks as Infolinks and its alternatives are trying to catch up with Google advertising giant and provide an easy way to make money online for every blogger or publisher.

Recently I started to notice a lot of advertising connected with This is an ad network, which offers us a large variety of advertising options. I cannot tell that can be a good alternative to Infolinks or any other advertising network because I have not yet risked to try it. But I spent some time on research and writing of this review.

Methods to earn with a blog and

This Internet advertising network has been online for over eight years now and I think they have a lot of experience in this field (but I wonder why they are not popular yet). - get paid for advertising on your blog

Currently offers these types of blog/website advertising:

Slider widget ads – advertising option, which promises to have a high CTR and is capable of generating high revenues.

In-text advertising – if you are familiar with InfoLinks, then you should understand what in-text advertising is (these are the ads, which show up, when you hover your mouse pointer over a special text phrase). These ads don’t take a lot of advertising space.

Widget ads – a new form of advertising (at least to me), visit their website to see a demo.

XML feed ads – monetizing your XML feeds could help you increase your daily blog earnings.

And now some statistic data: shares 75% of revenue earned from ads on your website; you can earn additional money by referring your friends to FindItQuick advertising network (5% referral commission); minimum payment amount is 25 dollars and publishers can get paid via PayPal or check.

All in all, can make a good advertising platform but I have not found neither positive nor negative feedback notes. If you have been working with this website, please leave me a comment.

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