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Managing and promoting a website has never been a joy ride for anyone. Now, when search engines are constantly implementing new algorithms to provide their searchers with the most relevant results, staying on top and generating a lot of visitors is not an easy thing. Yet another problem, which every webmaster faces at certain stage, is the problem of providing all necessary information and multimedia for keeping visitors on site or blog as soon as possible.

User-friendliness or usability is the thing to which more bloggers and site owners seem to be paying more and more attention. They spend days braining their projects to perfection and the only way to find out if their alterations were generous is to either ask loyal visitors or ask for an expert advice. This concept prompted the creation of numerous website usability testing services, one of which is called Let’s briefly review the functionality of this service. is open for registration world wide, which makes it a legit opportunity to earn money on the web regardless of your geographic location.


What does offer? is an Internet resource providing helpful tips for improving website usability and a service a site friendliness(usability) testing. From the webmasters’ standpoint, this is the service, which can be used for getting real assessment of their websites from real users.

Become a usability tester at

From the testers’ point of view, is yet another method to earn money from home. Internet savvies can get paid for recording their video reviews of various websites and commenting on the drawbacks and strong points.

Requirements for usability testers

Luckily, the requirements for applying as a site usability tester at Analysia are not numerous. Anyone with a computer hooked up to a high-speed Internet and a microphone device is eligible to register on the site and expect getting testing assignments.

This earning opportunity doesn’t have any local restrictions; international members can join this website too. Reviewers are expected to complete requirements listed in the task, give their assessment of the website and provide critical comments regarding website’s usability. For this task, which should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete, testers get paid a flat-fee of $10. Payments are said to be handled with the help of PayPal system.

Additionally, one more way of making cash with this site is represented in the referral program. By referring new clients to this site you can make 15% of their sales revenue or get $2 per every completed test by testers referred by you. credibility

The usability testing service in question has not been around for a long time, so we were not able to find a great deal of reviews of this service or people, who have been actually paid by this site.

To us, looks totally legit and hopefully they will become as popular as other players in this niche and will provide more Internet users with an extra method to earn money from home.
If you have any experience with this site and would like to share your experience, please use the comment section below to contact us.

Further reading is one of the most popular services paying money for performing website testing and usability checks. Testers from any country of the world are eligible to join and receive 10 dollars for every accepted test.

Usability testing job leads” category has been opened not that long ago but already is getting new reviews and updates more frequently. The latest opportunities and methods to earn with website testing will be added here.

Roundup and final thoughts

Usability testing is an interesting opportunity to make extra cash online. Analysia owners clearly state that testers cannot expect more than three-four tests per month. So in order to earn a considerable amount of money by making website tests, one has to work with several companies at once and consider these sites only as a source of additional revenue on the web.

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