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Another Great Way to Make Money by Uploading Files Online – Review

Earning money online could be a lot of fun, especially if you are approaching the whole process with the thought that sooner or later you will start making good money from home and maybe very soon. I do my best to post useful articles connected with anything that is “get paid to” and “make money online” related.

I just love telling my blog readers how easy it is sometimes to earn money from home, for example, do you remember my last post, a success post about Well, if you haven’t seen it yet, I have been paid by Cooler Cash and you can check out my payment proof from CoolerCash by following this link. For me, earning money with this website was fairly easy, so I hope you will have a lot of luck with it too.

Right now I see that more and more people are interested in “get paid to upload” niche and every week my blog, free ways to make money online and work from home, is updated with new posts about free file hosting websites (all these posts are located in Make Money By Uploading And Sharing Files category). Today is the right day to review another free file hosting service, which has a great revenue sharing program for all publishers, so today we are talking about

Make money by sharing document at

As it has already been stated, is free file hosting service and can be used for both earning money from home and storing any files and documents. The capability of uploading up to 1024MB files makes this a killer deal. Every member, who signed up with is able to spread download links (assuming you have already uploaded some stuff) and receive money for every downloaded document. Apart from this, there are various publisher tools, including remote upload, free FPT access, up to date statistics and other nice things, which make earning money easier.

Get paid to upload services at Fileserve

As a registered member and affiliate at Fileserve, you can receive up to 25$ per 1000 document downloads, which is a great deal (I don’t remember other websites with such high rates, as far as I remember, you can earn good money by uploading to, but there are some terms to apply too). Here your price per download depends on two main factors – country of the downloader (but users do get paid for all downloads) and file size. Take a look at quick earnings table:

Is it easy to make money by sharing media files?

Don’t want to load you with all that information, which could be found on Fileserve’s website, I will just tell you that website looks pretty nice and paid to upload rates get very good, if you compare with other websites I have been writing before. As for the referral revenue program, you will get 25% of the money all your referrals earn, which is pretty nice. Assuming that you can manage to refer 10 friends of yours, who will be making 50 dollars a month sharing files. This means that you will get an automated income of 125 dollars.

The whole idea of earning money by sharing files looks pretty nice and profitable for me. I have several accounts on other paid to upload sites and get pretty nice sums of money for sharing my documents. pays users once a week by using one of these payment processors – Paypal, ePassporte, Payoneer or WebMoney. Minimum payout is set just at 20$ (not even the price of 1000 downloads).

If you are somehow lost in the whole paid to upload files niche, you can check out my guide – “how free file sharing services work“. Thanks for reading, don’t forget to subscribe and leave your comments.


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