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Every year dozens of job titles become either less interesting useful for employers or step on the road of becoming obsolete, mainly due to technical advancements and automation. The IT revolution and usage of Internet for business have left many people looking for a different career path but if you are open to new things and are always eager to learn, then there are many Internet-based jobs that you can explore and earn good money doing them.

With so many large companies offering work from home and corporate opportunities, every stay at home parent, student or a person, who prefers the advantages of a free schedule, should consider applying for an Internet-based job lead. And we have to say that has some pretty good ones to get you started.

What is

Appen is an American company, which works in the field of developing speech recognition technologies and improvements of search technology services. As a result, they help international companies find best workers for the job.

Taking into consideration the fact that they mainly work with linguistic data, Appen are always on the look-out for translators, linguists, transcribers and search engine evaluators.

If you would like to learn more about their job offers, please visit this page:

One of the best things about this employer is that Appen hires their specialists globally. So international members are welcome and moreover they can enjoy a large variety of job opportunities, including:

– search engine evaluation (currently open for US residents only), but you may want to check the main job board for the extended list of countries below.

– translation and transcription (internationally, depending on your location).

– validators and project assistants (internationally).

Find the local listings according to your country here: has been on the Internet job market for a while, so it wasn’t hard to find many positive reviews from people, who worked for them over the years (negative reviews are present too but they are only connected to personal issues that certain workers had with the employer).

If you like the idea of working in the transcription field, then there are many other sites that you should check out: a full list of international transcription jobs, especially these ones:,

All in all, Appen is a reputed employer that has hired hundreds of transcribers, translators and search engine evaluators over the years. But we would like to hear about your experience with them. So if you have any, feel free to share in the comment section below.

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