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Modern arts and crafts sometimes can amaze by their creativity and variety. Many people take them up as hobbies and manage to gain high levels of professionalism by creating jewelry, design pieces, clothing, ect.

Many crafters make hand-made products for their own use but some of my turn this hobby into a part time earner. Nowadays, Internet provides a great deal of opportunities for small business owners and entrepreneurs. If you are interested in promoting your handmade products on the web, there are some tools you can use and is one of them.

What is

Art Fire is an Internet marketplace dedicated to arts, crafts and hand-made products. Here users can both buy and sell already made items, vintage products, supplies and design pieces. – Internet marketplace for selling arts and crafts

Managers of ArtFire team have developed a set of Internet tools, which can help in setting up a store with your own products.

The main benefits of setting up a store with Art Fire include:

– fully automated system, which supports CSV import, if you would like to migrate from other marketplace;
– an opportunity to showcase regular and items for sale;
– integrated coupon system to reward active buyers;
– ways to add extra traffic tracking services (for example Google Analytics);
– various billing options;
– help from Art Fire specialists in store optimization and promotion.

To learn more about how this system works, please visit this page:

There are many people, who have left their positive reviews of ArtFire and left information about benefits of these tools for their business. Even though ArtFire is not the most popular marketplace in this niche, it is growing very fast.

Also, if you would like to increase the exposure of your products, please check out other great online marketplaces: Etsy,

We do hope that this article will help you set up your Internet store and earn money by selling arts and crafts online. Please leave us your thoughts and feedback about this service in the comment section below.

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