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When you create a website, you think that you will be making the most of your money with Google Adsense program. It’s really easy to earn with google (you can check out my GA review and see what’s so great about this program).

So other people decide to earn money using other methods – paid blogging websites, CPA (cost per action) ads or just sell of all their ad space. All in all, it’s not always enough money for our effort, so we want to get more cash, that’s why everyone, who owns a website should think about an additional income. is an innovative PPC advertising network you can easily earn with.You can use it almost with any website, I’ve been earning good money placing Bidvertiser ads on my free hosted websites, so it’s not that hard, your job is to find awesome visitors, who will be likely to click advertisements.

So what do you need to start :

  • A website or a webpage with some keyword reach content
  • Some traffic (so you can earn faster)

Click the banner above and fill in the registration application (that takes only seconds), place a widget on your website and watch your balance grow. Pay Per click bids vary from .01$ to 4$ (I have had a 2.5$ bid), so earning potential is very high! Oh, more about earning potential, pays up to 10$ for every advertise/publisher you refer!

Payments will be sent via PayPal as soon as you reach 10$ minimum.

My personal experience with

I’ve been using Bidvertiser ads on all of my projects (this website and other mini-sites), it’s a great alternative for those, who for some reason don’t have an Adsense account. As I have told, you can get clicks, which give you more than two dollars, but some aren’t even worth 5 cents. But a great thing is that you can decide which ads to display, or not (awesome thing for targeting high paid clicks).

All in all, you can use various types of advertising on your blog, and Bidvertiser will not be a bad choice. Additionally you get paid by PayPal, which is great (I’ve been paid 3 times not, and if anyone is interested in the proof, leave me a comment).


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