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[Expired] Make Money Just by Writing your Own Blog –

Everyday I find out about new types of Internet businesses. Usually various services offer you job and pay you for doing it. Online – everything is the same – you can get paid to write articles, click sponsored ads, review various products for money.

I’d like to talk more on earning cash with article writing or paid blog posting. Every method has positive and negative methods – if you just articles for someone’s website – you earn money only once. But if you start with Internet blogging and write stuff for your own website, you won’t make a lot of money at first, but later on, these articles will earn you cash.

Like with earning money at – money is being accumulated every month, so articles work for you. In the case of having your own website – if content is being added on daily basis, search engines tend to give you more traffic (if you take care of SEO too).

Let me just tell you about a website, which lets you to create your own website and start monetizing it freely.


At blog burner you get paid to post their ads on your blog. They are associated with Adsense so that is required to have an account. The whole process is easy :

  1. Create an Account with (takes just few minutes)
  2. You create an account with Google Adsense (if you don’t have one already).
  3. Log in and start blogging. You can get a separate blog if you want, but that doesn’t really matter
  4. You try to write as often as you can (because content is the king and the more to have it the better).

How you earn money at

  1. They publish your content to their site (basically to write articles which will be posted on their website and the percentage).
  2. They serve ads on the pages you have created.

Websites created at can show you how to run your own blog and when you will get ready for your own website with a .com domain name, the Blogburner’s blog will do a great promotional website. I hope that you found out something new after reading this post on my work from home website. Good luck, and I hope you see your questions or comments.

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