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Making money on the Internet with no special knowledge is not just hard, it’s challenging. When I say “special knowledge” – it could be various stuff – programming skills, Internet marketing guides or courses you have passed or taken. Because I think it’s easier to find a freelance project for a programmer or a web designer, rather then for a simple office worker, who is looking for extra income on the Internet in spare time.

But anyways, Internet gives us a fair amount of earning opportunities, I would have never thought that making money with media files would become so popular with the launch of (this method was pretty popular in Europe, because even Radipshare users were making money by redeeming on-site credits into premium accounts, and I guess they were reselling those).

But I think that any Internet commence newbie should try out all possible methods of making money over the Internet, because the more guides, tutorials you read and more earning techniques you can try out, the better for you. Because you have the chance to create your own “work from home” blog and make money by blogging.


But if you don’t really know how to set up even a free blog to earn money from it, you can start earning online by doing simple freelance jobs. Getting paid to write articles is a great possibility for those you can reproduce the text or even rewrite stuff that has been already written.

I don’t work with various advertisers and don’t offer you “paid ebooks or make money techniques” that is why my blog is called “Free ways to make money online and work from home” and I will just supply you the links to websites, where you can possibly earn money (using different business techniques, but today we are talking about getting paid to write).

After reviewing my older post I have found some information about, which is a pretty nice website to start with.

Get paid to write online is a marketplace for bloggers. Only here you can browse available blogging tasks and find advertisers for your blog or website. Look through the marketplace, find advertisers, pick the right price for your web blog space and monetize it! gives you an awesome opportunity to talk to advertisers and set your own price per blog post and link on your blog! Recent blog jobs include all possible topics (so every blog could be monetized with Blogger Jobs).

There are many websites I will review in my future posts and most of them pay writers to post to various sponsored blogs. I have written a guide on how paid to write job boards work, so you can see the whole process. But the idea of earning money being a beginner – not to give up and try any possible opportunity, even if you are not really good at blogging or writing (you still have a chance of being accepted).

All in all, you can visit this website and see what it is all about if you are interested in making money by writing content. You can also refer to my guide to making free cash by posting on forums, which will give you some sure working ideas on where to start at. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to my RSS news feed.


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