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Well, firstly, this is an awesome company with high payouts, so it’s kind of hard to get accepted with a new blog. Requirements include : descent amount of traffic, your website should be indexed in major search engines including Yahoo,, and of course Google. Also Blogitive accepts only blogs which are over 90 days old. has been aceepted with no problems. If you have a highly visited website, you should try Blogitive!

Usually get 5$ per blog post, that is not so much, but it’s a great start for a newbie blogger.And that is a lot even for me. If I make 5 reviews a day, that is extra 100$ a month to make even more popular and teach even more people to earn online with Paid Blogging as well as in other ways.

Money are sent via PayPal every week. Payments are fast and secure thanks to PayPal’s rock solid quality!

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