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To start with, I’d like to tell that Blogsvertise is a unique program for every blogger on the internet. They have a lot of advertisers that will to PAY you to place a sponsored review on your blog. Just fill in the application and wait till they approve you. They could either approve, decline your blog or put it on a probation. The probation means, that they are giving you a test run, you are still paid for blogging, but not that much as an approved blog owner. The requirements include :

  1. Blogs over 30 days only
  2. No hate or racism info
  3. Indexing in Google

As soon as you are approved you can browse available posting jobs and start earning money online (that’s what we want to do 🙂 ) Jobs you are assigned for should be complete within 5 days. Payments are made on monthly basis with check!


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