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Blue Mountain Arts Helps Poetry Writers Make Money on the Web

Finding jobs in real world sometimes turns out to be a challenging task. No mater, if you are applying for a part-time position or a full-time job, you are to go through a resume writing and application process, visit interviews and spend your valuable time. This may be too much of a time waste in our computerized society, when various Internet services provide you with a unique chance to make money with your skills and talents.

Poetry writing is definitely a talent inherent to a tiny amount of word masters (this is how we like calling writers) and sometimes is a pity, when such talented people don’t get to publish their creations, share them with the world and, what is not less important, make money from their poems.

In real world, when publishing poetry and contemporary prose can take months if not years, such publishers as Blue Mountain Arts help writers get published and earn money via Internet.

The opportunity, which is about to be reviewed on this website is open to poetry writers internationally. So people from anywhere in the world have a chance to earn money with their verses.


Methods to earn with Blue Mountain Arts

Blue Mountain Arts has been applying their creative approach to producing greeting cards, books and gifts for over thirty years now. Their products are known to pass sincere emotions of love and friendship. Nowadays, they go on ruining clichéd greetings and offer poetry writers a chance of earning money by producing contemporary prose or poetry for their greeting cards.

Blue Mountain Arts offers jobs for poetry writers

On their website (the link to a writer’s guidelines page will be added somewhere in this article), you will be able to locate a list of requirements and ways of submitting your poetry to editors at Blue Mountain Arts. Please bear in mind that writers are expected to put creativity in the foreground while producing poetry for greeting cards and avoid set expressions or highly overused phrases.

Your submissions can be either accepted by mail or virtually via email submissions. Content pieces, which are likely to be paid for and used in greeting card creations, are bought out within 2-4 weeks after submission. International poetry writers can also submit their poetry but only in English language.

As for the payment,  Blue Mountain Arts rewards the writers with $300 per poem (for worldwide exclusive rights) or $50 (for one time use).

To find out more about this method to earn please visit Writer’s Guidelines on Blue Mountain Arts website.

Blue Mountain Arts credibility

Blue Mountain Arts company has a veteran in this business and their clear reputation should nothing but prompt poetry writers to submit their writings for a chance of making money with them.

Further reading

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Roundup and final thoughts

Many beginner poetry writers hesitate to submit their work for publishing. This could be caused by the fear of critic feedback they are not ready for or long time waiting for the review. Luckily, such publishers as Blue Mountain Arts give writers an opportunity to make money with their poetry without having to spend a lot of time on the application process.

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