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Decent education and an academic degree can not only help in securing a good part-time job or a well-paying full-time position but also give a chance to work online, if due to some reasons a person cannot attend work daily (works great for work at home parents, students and other people willing to make money with their academic expertise).

Nowadays, getting a higher education is a must, so every year the number of scholars is only growing. As not all students are capable of passing all courses without external help, online tutors receive more and more tasks and request to help. So finding online earning opportunities for people possessing academic expertise is not a problem anymore. A very helpful resource for anyone willing to earn money with the help of their knowledge is

Background information about

Since 2004,, a global community for teachers, graduates and students has been used for various educational purposes. Hundreds of students have taken advantage of this service and received qualified help from Brainmass experts. - online tutoring jobs

If you would like to work online and earn money by helping students solve their educational challenges, then you should definitely apply for an expert service position on The managers of this service take their business seriously and need to verify that only the best workers become a part of their team.

Opportunities for academic experts

Luckily Brainmass accepts members from all over the world, so this is a genuine way to make money online for every academic expert. In order to register, one is to fill out an application form, state all his degrees and fields of expertise and even pass a phone verification.

Experts get to help solving various problems which cover over 47 available topics. Experts are to provide only the best help and for this they get 60%-70% of the money paid by students (the percentage depends on the number of solved problems). Currently the only supported cash-out method is PayPal and all money is withdrawn on monthly basis (around 15th every month).

Before applying to work with this company, these check out their terms and conditions and make sure you understand how the system works. Over the years this website gradually turned into a trusted marketplace helping best academic minds to earn money with the help of their knowledge and a connection to the Internet.

Further reading and related resources helps tutors make money online with the help of their math and science knowledge. Contributors provide solutions to various science tasks and mathematical problems. Every viewed solution adds money to contributor’s account. is a free marketplace for online tutors. Join this community to preview available school and college related questions and earn money by answering them.

Roundup and final thoughts

Having read through dozens of reviews of this company and feedback notes from both students and experts, we can tell that is a good way to earn money from home with the help of your expertise. The only negative review was posted by a customer (a student) because of the poorly completed assignment by one of the experts. Actually, the managers of this project should deal with such customers and make sure all students are satisfied with the experts’ work but we don’t think that this negative testimonial has something to do with the legitimacy of their expert program, so feel free to apply for this work at home opportunity and discuss it with us, if you still have questions or doubts.

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