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Nowadays, when economical position of many Americans leaves much to be desired, it is high time that we learned how to put modern technology to use and earn extra buck on the web or use this virtual network to save some money. I am saying that this is possible, the only problem, which may arise is which reward program to pick? is one of my recent openings but work at home world is already discussing this new project like crazy. Let me speak about this new saving concept a bit and provide you with some links, where you can learn more and get started.

This service is for US residents only, please visit “Further reading section” for related offers.

What is

A new Internet project aimed at rewarding its users with prizes and game draw tickets for saving money or paying off their loans is called SaveUp. I know, it may sound insane but the main purpose of this project is to help people learn how to manage their finances, pay off loans or bills on time and live a debt free life. - get rewarded for saving

Prizes, gift cards, sweepstakes tickets and entries to monthly $2M draws act only as a stimulation to succeed in achieving the website’s main aim.

How to get benefits from saving?

Before I answer this question, let me tell you what owners get from running such a website. In their FAQ area they stated that all prizes are supplied by major consumer brands and they can afford the prizes as SaveUp earns revenue from financial suggestions and partnering up with banks.

Furthermore, this website is legal and certified in all 50 states, doesn’t store any of your information and will never sell your data. In order to get started with this program you should add any savings or debt-bearing accounts, credit cards or student loads (more about supported accounts could be found on their website). works with all banks, so you won’t have trouble adding your info.

After completing your registration, you will receive bonus points every time you save money or pay off your loans.

A full list of available prizes and detailed breakdown of how this reward program functions could be found on their website, here are the links for you:, .

Further r2eading

Coupons and cash-back shopping category is home to some of the most incredible posts on saving money online and finding tools for saving cash, as well as winning some prizes for active participation.

Roundup and final thoughts is one of the newest concepts in Internet rewards, at least it is one of a kind, as for now. The only challenge that users have to face is to build the trust in the site. We are going to monitor this opportunity for a while and provide you with some follow up posts. In meanwhile, please let us know what you think of such an earning concept.

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