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Many modern companies are trying to use as much innovative technology in their work as possible. World wide web has presented business owners with some great tools for getting more work done in shorter periods of time. These days many tasks are being outsourced to workers, who are more into flexible schedules and prefer to work from home.

Transcription is one of tasks, which is being outsourced frequently, so if you are looking for a part-time job opportunity on the web, you should look more info transcription leads. Today we would like to review one for you.

What is С

CallRevu is a company, which helps automotive dealers improve their customer service. Сallrevu employees listen to phone calls and transcribe audio files (turn them into text data). After proofreading these text files, they are being transferred to automotive dealers’ representatives. – looking for stay at home call transcriptionists

If you are interested in such opportunity, please visit this link and find out where to send your resume:

Right now call transcriptionists get to work with files up to 8 minutes long. Every minute transcribed pays up to $0.60. The amount of work you get greatly depends on your performance and worker status (please note that all applicants are to go through a training process).

Transcription jobs attract many stay at home parents, as they provide flexibility and these are performance based work – you can earn as much as you can possibly manage to. As an alternative to Сallrevu you can check out other websites like:,,,,,

This is a great way to find online work and complete tasks in your spare time. We have done some research on this company as an employer and we have found only positive feedback. Also, all workers are hired as independent contractors, so you’d have to take care of your taxes personally.

Please leave us a comment below, if you have questions about this opportunity or would like to share your experience at Сallrevu.

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