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Can You Make Money with Free Online Classifieds – Affiliate Program Review

I have always been looking not just for ways of making money online (well that what actually my blog title says), but from time to time I want to bring some information about sites, which give you revenue or prizes for something your already do online.

I call it fun ways of making money over the Internet (even if it’s prizes, they are still worth some money) or getting paid for something we already do on the net. Paid social networks could be a great example of such web business idea. Do you remember all my posts about and all the prizes I have managed to receive from them for free? (I have got a free T-shirt for referring my friends to this paid social community and several online store discounts, which were great savers for me – you don’t usually get 50-70% discounts just for watching videos online and taking daily questions).

So what website, which already pays you for something you do online, I am going to tell my readers about today. Okay, it is called and it is a free online classifieds website. But how can we make money with it? Well, this concept has been started by several other sites a while ago (remember my review of, a website which pays you to post classified ads). is kind of different, as far as they offer you two ways of generating revenue from your classified listings.

Make cash by posting free online classifieds to

There are tons of reasons to start working with – first of all you can place your ads here for free, it’s like Craiglist but with revenue potential. As a registered member, you will be able to place your Adsense ads on the pages, which contain your listings (the revenue split is 50/50), which means that you can earn money, even if the visitor is not interested in your ad listing.

Speaking of Adsense revenue sharing websites, they are getting pretty popular nowadays. Google Adsense is a one of a kind online earning opportunity, so you just have to take advantage of it. Recently I have reviewed, which is an Adsense revenue sharing website, which pays money for writing content.

In addition there is an affiliate program you can use, but I see that information about it is kind of outdated (well, affiliates earn 70% of the money generated by premium account sales + payments are completed once a month). But still, it looks like a great opportunity to consider, especially if you are into online selling business or want to get rid of some stuff you have laying at home (free ad listing websites work like charm for solving such issues).

Well, thanks for reading, don’t forget to subscribe and leave your comments regarding any make money technique, which has been posted on this “get paid to” blog.


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