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Can you Really Make Money by Selling your Forum Signature?

Monetizing various services on the net is a big issue, especially for those Internet users, who are trying to make money online. Just think about it, we have various ways of making money online and many people pay more attention to the methods which pay you to do something you have already done or are doing on daily basis.

Here is a small list:

Get paid to write – we use various websites like Twitter,,, where we write our personal thoughts or are trying to make money in our spare time. But the main idea – we write niche articles (and you can get paid to do freelance writing)

Get paid to search – using search engines is a vital part in your daily Internet routine. When we create Google or Yahoo queries, these websites make money by showing you the paid ads, but you can earn money for using sponsored search engines, which is not that bad at all because you get free prizes for using them. Remember my post about 10$ prize from that I have received? So making money with search engines is for real too.

Get paid to share and upload files – not that long ago we were using Rapidshare as our number one free file hosting service. But with time passing we found out about sites that will pay you to host your files and promote them. Making money by sharing with is a one of a kind example for blog readers. And I am working on writing a short update on this program too.

Make Money With Signatures

Earn money by posting on public forums – the most popular way of making money online on this website. You can see for yourself, the view counter is set over 11k views and various websites are linking to my post about getting paid for posting on the net. Don’t you agree? All of us are using various forums and I get quite a lot of traffic from my signature links and this is another forum monetization method.

All in all, recently I have been writing about, which is a website that helps you to make money selling forum signatures. A lot of Internet marketers and SEO guys know that signature promotion is a good way to get cheap and usually targeted traffic, so some people do make money selling their signatures. But do you have what it takes to make money using this technique and which forum signature marketplace can you choose?

It should be a long post, that I why I will divide it onto separate ones for now, but anyways let me supply you a list of stuff you need to make good money on selling your signature links.

How to make money with forum signature links:

  • Make up a list of the most popular niche forums and become an active member
  • Contribute to the community, start new threads and try to help out other people, this is a key to getting traffic from your signature links
  • Make sure you work with Do-Follow forums, advertisers tend to prefer this kind of Internet communities
  • Post on daily basis and grow your post count
  • Get to know the admins, or even apply for a moderator position on the website or public forum
  • Think whom you can sell your signature links to or find a good place to sell your siggy

These tips could really help you starting, this is a sure working method and I even know people who are selling signatures on various webmaster auctions. I think my account with over 2,200 points would be worth some money, but I prefer traffic over the fast cash on the net. Anyways you can sure expect new posts from me, don’t forget to subscribe.


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