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All modern businesses are forced to work in the highly-competitive environment, so every employee of the company has to manage his or her schedule perfectly in order to get more things done and help the company grow and overtake the competitors.

While most of workers have enough time to do the scheduling personally, most of top managers don’t have the time for it and hire various assistants to take care of various management tasks. But in modern day not all assistants can keep everything in mind, so in order to remove the “human factor”, various IT start-ups are offering to create robotized assistants.

But while having a fully-electronic assistant is far away, the scientists want to train the artificial intelligence to perform such tasks and companies such as are willing to pay you to train these AI robots.

What is is the official homepage of an innovative tech start-up, which is planning to use artificial intelligence to create a piece of software that will make scheduling for businessmen easy, fast and reliable.


At the moment they are hiring virtual assistants that will be actually performing scheduling tasks for clients all over the world, while the AI system pick up on your actions and learns in the process.

At the moment, for their “Clara” project the company is hiring virtual assistants internationally.

So if you are interested in earning part-time income from home, then please check out their application page:

When applying for this job position, please keep in mind that virtual assistants are expected to have:

– previous experience in scheduling business meetings;

– knowledge of basic functions of Google Mail and Google Calendar;

– good English grammar knowledge (it’s the first thing that will be checked during your application process);

– great attention to detail and professional attitude towards the position.

While people from all over the world work for “Clara” project, they are expected to perform tasks, according to the time limits, which are set by the clients, who are mainly for the USA, so please keep that in mind.

Here virtual assistants earn $11-$15 per hour and are paid via PayPal. The work time tracking, however, is carried out via a popular freelance job website.

This company offers great part time income opportunities but if you would like to find more jobs in this field, please check out these reviews:,,

All in all, at the moment, seems to be one of the most interesting job leads for stay-at-home workers. We have already applied for a position here and are waiting for our application to be approved. So there is a follow-up review to be published soon.

There are many positive reviews from people, who work here, but, if you have your story to tell, please do so in the comment section below.

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