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To work from home – how many times have you heard from your employed friends? Current business society finds new benefits of working online part-time and full-time. The advantages of this type of employment are evident: professional workers don’t get to spend time on time-consuming commutes; get more time for spending with their families (this sound like the best option for stay at home parents); Internet jobs provide well-paying employment options for disabled people; qualified workers can be found overseas and give employers the services they need from their own homes or personal offices.

Stay at home workers can either earn their living by running own business, doing a freelance career or working for a web-based company like С Let’s review what opportunities this company provides and what types of jobs are currently available.

Please note that this opportunity is open to users internationally, both US and non-US residents are eligible to apply for online jobs at С

Employment options at С

СlicknWork company provides a set of their services (research, analysis, data entry) to hundreds of companies the owners of which have discovered the benefits of hiring workers remotely. Depending on the set of your skills, you may be treated to a large variety of work opportunities on this site. A brief description of all available positions will be given below but at first we would like to write a few words about application rules.

Find online data entry work at

Every applicant is to submit his/her resume and pass a set of tests, which measure worker’s aptitude and skills. Different positions require different skills, so please check out their website for more information.

Analysts/consultants positions

Earn money by carrying out various types of market and financial analysis, doing a profound research of company profiles, writing market reviews and preparing economic papers. While this position is aimed at economic specialists, the pay is decent: analysts and consultants make $25 to $150 per hour, depending on the complexity of the task at hand.

 Jobs for information professionals/specialists

The main task of an information specialist hired by this company is to answer client questions using a set of supplied tools. All applicants for this position are to take a rigorous test before getting to work, also they are required to have at least three years of experience within this field of study.

As for the hourly wage, information specialists get an average of $30-$40 per hour.

Writing/Editing opportunities

Writers and editors are treated to a great variety of copywriting jobs: writing business news, medical/legal summaries or creating newsletters. Depending on the assignment and type of content requirements, writers make $4-$40 per hour by creating articles and reviews for СlicknWork customers. On their website you will have able to find testimonials from real writers, who work for this company, we find it quite interesting and inspiring.

Web research

Workers with strong research skills can apply to become a business researcher. Applicants are expected to quickly find answers for a wide range of business questions, be able to cope with data entry work and chart preparation. Web research’s pay ranges from $5 to $11 per hour.

Other opportunities

ClicknWork provides many other types of services and new workers are always welcome to apply for:


Data entry jobs: applicants are expected to enter data as rapidly and accurately as possible.

Work for telephone interviewers: interviewing business people, talking over business issues and finding solutions to business questions are main things an employee is to complete for this work.

Job opportunities for photographers: skilled photography masters will be paid for taking photos of large-scale objects or micro-objects (e.g. products on the shelves).

Virtual translation work: linguists and translators fluent in popular business languages will be hired for company needs.

Withdrawing earnings

Click n Work is a company with employees located all around the globe. Even though it may sound complicated but the management figured out a sure-working way to pay their workers – a PayPal system. Residents of US, UK and Australia have two more payment options: a check and bank-deposit payment. All employee earnings are withdrawn during a 15-day closing period, once a month.

Further reading is a great website for finding freelance work. This is an web job marketplace, where users gain access to hundreds of free employment options (part-time, full-time or freelance) and work in their free time. is the only online service giving people a chance to make money with their skills and creativity. List things you are ready to do for a set amount of money and earn money by doing these things. Leading business magazines report that many Fiverr workers have had a lot of luck selling their services on Internet (one user even reports making 11000 dollars a year from this site)

Roundup and final thoughts

If you are looking for a legitimate work at home job on part-time or full-time basis, then С should be on a golden spot of your list of sites to apply to. They offer a great variety of Internet-based jobs for people all around the world. With this site you can easily monetize your knowledge without having to drive to your work daily or move to a larger city for finding a better paying work.

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