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Complete Freelance Micro Jobs and Make Money Online – Review

Every single day I try to check out the latest make money online and work from home websites/opportunities. From time to time I stumble upon various Internet scams and report those too, so you don’t get caught with that and won’t waste your time working with fraudulent websites.

Here, in this make money online blog, I post the websites I have personally been registered with and have tried to make money with. Personally, I began making money from home by filling in surveys and doing various freelance jobs in the Internet and to tell the truth, I really liked that, so day I would love to write about one freelance network (well, actually it is just another micro jobs website, and I see that this concept of earning money from home is getting more and more popular nowadays).

So what are micro jobs and how to make money with Well, lets just quickly review this work from home opportunity. So far, over five micro jobs websites and I should tell you that it is not that easy to make a full time income with websites of this type, but you can earn some quick money whenever you need cash in your PayPal account.

The whole concept of making money with micro freelance jobs has been started by and is carried on by other websites, some of them are better than the original, but some of them lack some originality and the number of available jobs leaves much to be desired.

Register with and make money as - make money with freelance tasks

Well, is just another freelance job marketplace, where anyone from all over the world can get paid to complete quick tasks on the web. In order to begin earning money from home by using you need just five minutes to get started. Here people get paypal cash for using sponsored forums, following other users on Twitter, writing short stories and articles and for doing other stuff on the web.

I didn’t hesitate much and registered myself an account right away and as far as I can see, here anyone can get up to $2 for completing 2-5 minute tasks, but there are still jobs, which will give you only $0.1-$0.2, which is okay for several minutes of work.

So here you can get money for completing such tasks on the web, but also offers a great referral program on terms of which you will get up to $1 for every active user you refer, which is pretty nice, assuming that international members are accepted too.

The minimum withdrawal limit at is currently set at $10, which will take some time to reach for sure, but I do hope that this freelance job marketplace will work for all of us. Thanks for reading my blog and I hope that you will start making some good money by going simple tasks at Meanwhile, I want to check out how to earn more point and get free prizes from This is a great paid social network and I would love to get more points on there in order to get my first price and show you how easy it is.

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