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I has been a long time since I posted my first version of the guide called – “Ways of making money by completing offers“. Well a lot of time passed since then and it’s no wonder that many of the websites I reviewed before has turned out to be scam. I decided to come up with new tips for making money by trying products on the Internet, because literary it was my first earning experience on the Internet, the GPT (get paid to) websites.

You are still welcome to read my guide to making money with GPT, but you I have to admit that most of the tips there need to be updated.

No matter what, but the whole idea of getting paid for trying or signing up for advertiser’s products still works, and you can sure try out this method. It goes without saying, but people from the USA or Canada get a higher variety of offers to try, but international members can still make money with “Get Paid To” websites by inviting people from these countries (the ones who still don’t know about such an opportunity).

If you are on the way of trying this method of earning cash over the Intenret, you just have to admit that without inviting the referrals you can’t make a living from such websites, but I have been making about $600+ by signing up for things like BlockBuster and NetFlix over the Internet (such offers give you about 20-30$ in your account). Just think of it as an extra income or just as a little rebate, personally I use such companies when I need a new hosting account, because usually you get 40-60$ for signing up for some hosting company plan (shared plans cost you about 7$ a month, but this means that you get free hosting and still enough money for a beer).

I am reviewing this market all over again, because it has been 2 years since I completed my last get paid to offer, and many websites don’t allow you to do that anymore.

I think that you can still make good money at, which is a pretty good website for those you are just starting their route to Internet business success.

But I will tell you some words about a new website (maybe it’s not that new, but it is the first time I have heard about it). It is called and this site offers you to make money by trying various stuff on the net. The website looks pretty professional and here to can find a lively support forum, informative how-to area and some other small things that will get you started in no time.

Cashle Review

Other good things about this get paid to try website include –

  • Daily payout to e-currency of your choice
  • No minimum payout
  • It’s totally free to join!
  • Powerful referral program
  • Ability to participate in the contests
  • Many optional ways to earn cash

All of these don’t seem like such a big deal, but still they make this website pretty unique. I have visited the contest page on their forum, and, as far as I can see, they have a PS3 contest running for their members (sounds like a pretty good offer for me).

When I went over to the registration page, I didn’t see the option of selecting my country, this means that they have offers for international members (sounds promising) or such people can at least make money by referring other users to

I know that my review doesn’t include any personal experience, but I will be digging into this work from home opportunity, and hope that you will help me finding what this get paid to complete offers websites is all about.

Thanks for your attention and feel free to subscribe to my new posts by using the link in the navigation bar. Also I would like to give you more tips on my progress on earning with – I have just requested my second payout, which sounds really great to me, so making money by sharing files really work, you just have to try it.


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