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Completing Offers and Filling in Surveys with is a Scam?

On the Internet there are many ways of earning money. Literary you can monetize your free time by doing free Internet work. Basically you can do almost anything you can think of – run a niche blog, do marketing research, test Internet and PC games or do any other freelance work.
But earning money online could also be fun – there are man get paid to play projects or sites that reward you to use sponsored search engines. But nowadays such Internet programs sound a little bit fishy because they start up pretty well, just like, and in several months just stop paying and go scam.

As the title says, I am pretty sure that this website does give you the chance of getting expensive stuff for free. Telling the truth, I did get a free T-shirt from them for referring 20 people to the website, but no more (I have got 980 points I can not redeem and neither of my referrals got the first prize,even though they were told they would).

Actually I would not give you a bunch of reasons and prove you that this get paid to website is scam. I guess I will just tell you that I am a member of for three months now and all I managed to get is a free T-shirt for referring a certain number of members, and that’s all.

As I have already told, I have got 980 points on my account (which should give of a laptop or something), but website is out of stock and there is no way of redeeming the prizes at the moment.
Well I guess that these two facts speak for themselves and I will be extremely surprised if anyone will get some stuff from Lockerz in the near future. I am really sorry that I have spent so much time promoting this website, but leaving such a note for you is appropriate (at least I think so). Internet Scam

I don’t really want to judge Lockerz’s administrators, maybe they have really ran out of stock and can’t process shipments at the moment (it did look like a serious and legit company at first), but now we have the result – no prizes, no gift cards, no free Xboxes and Ipods.

All in all , have fun reading other posts from my make money online blog and try to stay away from well masked Internet scams. And you can sure check out my latest posts about earning with or earning by uploading and sharing files on the Internet (maybe my second success story).

I do not know what it is all coming too, but I see that website is being worked on, and one of my referrals has forwarded me this interesting email from (the whole idea that they have resumed prize shipments, check it out):

A Z-List T-Shirt is heading your way

Dear Lockerz Member:

Congratulations on becoming a Z-Lister. You are now a member of a very exclusive group of cool, hip, in-the-know trendsetters who have discovered Lockerz very early. For that, you get lots of benefits, including a free Lockerz T-shirt.

We shipped your Z-List T-shirt within the last week. If you have already received your Z-List T-shirt, please ignore this email.

If you have not received your Z-List T-shirt, you will receive it soon. If you live in the US, you should receive your Z-List T-shirt within two weeks from today, at the most. If you live outside the US, you should receive your Z-List T-shirt within four weeks from today, at the most.

Please note, there are no tracking numbers. This is the only email you will receive from Lockerz about your Z-List T-shirt.

Thanks for being a Lockerz member and for achieving Z-list status. Keep earning PTZ so that you’re ready to redeem next time.


The Lockerz Crew

Lockerz is not responsible for shirts that might be sent to addresses that were not accurately provided to Lockerz. Lockerz is not responsible for shirts sent to non-US addresses that, in very rare instances, might get held up at customs.

So I don’t really know what to tell you, so far I think that this website is a scam, but we will see whether the shirt comes or not.

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