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Recently on the global job market there has been a slight change, created accessibility on the Internet and ways this worldwide network may be used by companies in different locations on the globe. Copywriters, virtual assistants, marketing experts and may other IT workers are no longer tied to offices.

Secure data transfer technologies provide a great opportunity of working in the comfort of one’s own home – it’s convenient and provides the flexibility many workers have dreamt about. Today we would like to create a quick review of a company called, which is currently hiring virtual and phone assistants on “stay at home” basis.

What is

ContractWorld is a Canada-based company, which has developed a set of call agent support software and serves as a link between phone agents and internationally known companies.

Every stay at home worker is treated like an independent contractor and in order to work for a globally recognized company is to go through a quick training course.

To learn more about the opportunity please visit this page and fill out an application form:

The training course is the tricky part, as in some cases it costs money, so make sure you really like this type of work and see yourself working in this niche for a while.

This seems to be the only downside of (we were not able to find critical reviews of this employer). Some of the workers claim to have positive experience with ContractWorld and earn $10-$16 per hour (only US and Canada residents are eligible).

If you don’t see yourself spending money on the training or reside outside the above stated countries, please check other phone and virtual assisting jobs, which we have already reviewed:,,,,,,

All in all, we really wanted to start a discussion about this employer, as it is getting popular with days passing. We have laid out our concerns and would like to hear your thoughts about this company – please use the comment section below to state your point.

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