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Journalists and writers are known to have an incredibly flexible schedule, as they usually get to set their own schedule in order to do proper research, interviewing and preparing article for publication.

With rapid development of the Internet journalists became even more flexible, as they can access information from any location in the world, carry out interviews via video conference calls and publish articles on news websites any time they want.

As many newspapers and magazines moved to the world wide web the amount of writing/journalism jobs began to grow drastically. This means that writers and journalists have an opportunity to find writing opportunities on such websites as С Let’s take a closer look at this company.

What is С

A British company called С specializes in copywriting and editing. A website developed by this company serves as a writing marketplace, where newspaper/blog or Internet media managers find writers for certain jobs.

С – Internet job listings for writers and journalists

This company is known for a large amount of tasks available every day and freelance workers usually have a lot of luck with it.

If you would like to find out how to become one of Сopify’s writers, please visit this page:

Additionally, every visitor has a chance to check out a database of pre-approved writers and get an idea of how much work they complete every month. Speaking of the rates, they depend on the type of assignment writers pick and we were not able to find this year’s rates per job.

Сopify is a marketplace for professional writers and important employers that is why it requires a professional approach, as you may end up building a good deal of professional ties and get a decent amount of writing/journalism jobs.

However it is never too late to check out other similar marketplaces and companies looking for freelance writers, some of them are:,

Having done a good deal of research we can tell that Сopify is one of the biggest websites for finding freelance writing listings. If you have any experience working for С and would like to share it with us, please use the comment section below.

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