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Gradual development of Internet technology presented us with a new approach to shopping. Nowadays everyone, who has an access to world wide web and owns a credit card (or even a more secure option – PayPal account), can buy things and services online and have them packed, shipped and delivered in the matter of days.

In the virtual world users enjoy items or services on discount prices because most of the stores save a decent share on rentals and extra staff members. But additionally, like in the real world, online stores offer extra ways to save – coupons. Finding coupons is an easy thing to do: it can be done by subscribing to various communities, joining mailing lists or being an active shopper in one of millions of Internet stores. However, did you know that coupons, apart from giving us a chance to save money on our favorite items, give us a chance to make money online, if we share them on If you have not, let’s find out more which earning opportunities this innovative project has to offer. – background information project was created with a very important mission in mind, i.e. to provide online shoppers with a single resource for finding coupons and rebate codes for almost every Internet store. With online shopping centers providing all necessary facilities, users only increase the frequency of shopping online and more often refer to the possibility to save even more on their favorite merchandize.

Share coupons and earn with has developed very rapidly in the last several months and there are two concrete reasons: 1) the market demands more and more coupons, as users want to save more on online shopping; 2) the “pay to share” program by prompts more users to share their coupon codes with a chance of earning money from their contributions.

Contributing coupons to earn money

Online shoppers are only four steps away from unlocking a great opportunity for making money online by sharing coupon codes. Unfortunately is currently limited only to registrations from the USA but if you reside in this country, please follow these steps:

1) Register an account at and read trough the terms and conditions for participating in the “pay to share” program;
2) Find all coupons you have and start uploading them to CouponChief (top contributors on this site have shared thousands of coupons each);
3) Watch your account balance grow: every time someone uses your coupon for buying items online, you receive a 2% compensation. Please note that this coupon site has introduced a $25 per month limit (per store) to prevent spam.
4) Once your account balance has rolled over a minimum cash-out limit of $25, update your account with a PayPal email of yours and withdraw the money (according to their terms and conditions, money is paid only when a 30-day clearance period has passed).

Further reading

Earning money with coupons and cash-back shopping is a totally new niche, which our team has decided to investigate. So far we have not posted any content related to this entry and we decided to remind you of other online tools, which can help you to get freebies and make extra money easily: is yet another tool for shoppers. By installing this application any user can turn his cell phone into a rebate notification machine: gain access to discounts, leave comments about various stores and get chances to earn prizes. allows to turn shopping into a fun quest: visit stores, complete tasks displayed in the display of your cell phone, scan requested bar-codes and receive points redeemable to prizes and money.

Roundup and final thoughts can turn out to be a really handy tool for every Internet shopper, provided it is totally free to get started with, users can use their own coupons for buying items via this site (I guess this will also count towards user’s earnings – hopefully I understood this part right).

The fact that “pay to share” program is open only to US residents could be treated as the only disadvantage of this project. I have not a clue why international members cannot join, as more and more online stores start supporting shoppers from all countries of the world and opening this program to all applicants would not only improve CouponChief’s business and also would help thousands of customers earn money by sharing coupon codes.

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