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Creative Way Of Making Money Blogging With

Nowadays more and more web site overs are choosing blogs over old fashioned .html websites, know why? Here are the main reasons for creating a blog :

  1. Blogs are easy to customize and update them
  2. Users can read them easily and subscribe
  3. You can actually make money with your own blog.

The third one seems impossible for you? I think it does, if you have tried all those scams online. (in case you haven’t seen scams online, just make a Google search entitled “Make money online” )

Anyways, in this post I want to show you a 100% proved method of earning from home with a blog. All you need to start is the niche for your blog (let it be a soccer blog for instance) and some time to update your weblog.

Review Me

The next step, would be monetizing your brand new website, that is super easy. I want to tell you about a website that will actually pay you to run your own blog, and it’s called ReviewMe. Funny name huh, but it’s pretty straight-forward. According to it’s domain, they are paying you to review, but review what? That’s why I want to get in detail here. will pay you to post sponsored reviews on your blog. Therefore you will get certain amount of money for just writing about sponsored websites, which are related to your niche.

ReviewMe pays you 20-200$ for every sponsored post on your blog. The price as usual depends on your blog popularity, it’s Google PageRank, amount of backlinks and of course the advertiser itself.

Now I would like to tell you more about the itself and all the features they offer. If you follow this link, you will be able to see what this website all about. On the front page, you can see the two columns : Advertisers and Publishers. You do want to pick the Publishers, because you are the one who wants to make money blogging 🙂

Now, if you have a blog, you can complete a simple registration. It is very fast to join, it took me like 3 minutes, I swear. When you are registered user of ReviewMe, you can add and claim your blog. After you do that, feel free to check for available job offers and start making money online.

See how easy that is? That’s why I’m waiting for your positive replies and success stories about this income opportunity!

Good luck and enjoy making money online with


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