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Internet users are being treated to a great variety of earning opportunities and the number of sites providing these is only increasing and, I have to say, increasing at a great pace.

Recently I have noticed a spark in popularity of one earning method, to be exact, in crowdsourcing. The concept standing behind this type of online freelance work in phenomenal – instead of assigning one freelance task to one person or a group of workers, crowdsourcing company divides all orders from their employers into small, perceivable tasks, which could be accomplished by any Internet user. This speeds up the process of providing the service to the employer and gives simple web users a chance to make extra money or win cool prizes by using their computers.

In all my posts I try to provide not only theoretical knowledge but also practical examples of money-making methods. Today a review of would serve as a practical example.


What should one know about

Being a revolutionary social social research and marketing platform, encased in a simple, lightweight FaceBook application, tries to connect consumers with leading brand representatives with an aim of collecting valuable data for further development of advertisers’ companies.

Such companies crave to know how their products can be improved and don’t mind rewarding their consumers with awesome prizes and merchandise. - get member of a community and get prizes

To get started with you need to complete four easy steps:

1) Visit and connect their application with your FaceBook account (please note that Crowdtap allows registrations for valid US residents, who are at least 13 years old);
2) Fill out your profile and get to grips with their system by filling out several surveys and taking up some easy tasks;
3) Check out ways to earn points and improve your member rank;
4) The more points you manage to earn the better, when it comes to using Crowdtap prize store. There you can order gift cards and branded merchandise for free (items are starting at 20000 points and I have earned about 2700 points just for filling out my profile and taking a test survey).

Additional and pretty promising way to earn points is a referral program: spread the word about and get extra points. Further reading

I do hope that you find this crowdsourcing opportunity interesting but if you are not a resident of the USA but still would like to earn money and get free stuff by being a member of similar online community, please check out these options: servers is a superb platform to monetize design skills you possess. Just participate in numerous design contests and receive a chance to get a cash prize. has developed a phone application, which based on your location, displays available tasks for you to complete. The completion of these tasks will eventually turn into $2-$8 per task in your account.

Final thoughts about

Well, I guess everyone is willing to know whether is a scam. From what I have read so far and from my user experience on the website I will have to call this a legit online opportunity (this is my honest view, I don’t force you to join this site and as you can see, I didn’t include any referral links in the post). It is not possible to become rich quick with this crowdsourcing sites, they only give away freebies for participation and active members have had a lot of luck in winning free stuff here. In their gift store I saw some awesome gifts, mainly Amazon Giftcards and cool cloths attracted my attention.

My final recommendation for this one would be – give Crowdtap a try, invite your friends to boost your point balance right away and enjoy online freebies. Additionally you can subscribe to to receive similar freebie and money-making possibilities or follow us on social networks. We appreciate your support and thanks for visiting and reading.

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