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[Expired] Crown GPT ( User Earning Experience and Payment Proofs

Every day I receive a lot of news and questions from people, who just crave to start earning money online. I do like writing post to this website, it’s actually my hobby, as far as I am working for one pretty good money, so I make pretty good money both online and offline.

But I have started working from home almost four years ago, and telling the truth now know pretty much a lot of things, which are closely connected to earning cash online. My first earning experience was get paid to website called (it is still working and still offers an incredible cash earning opportunity, if you are interested, just check out my review).

I can tell that get paid to websites (if you are not familiar with the term “get paid to”, please refer to my guide – “making money from home by completing offers“, which actually explains a lot) are very good for those, who don’t want to spend a lot of time working online, but need to earn bucks fast and free. The online downside of such websites is that only people from the USA, Canada and UK can take advantage of such websites.

Register at

Anyways, if you are from selected countries, you still posses such an incredible opportunity and can earn money online. I have been writing about several days ago, and now I would like to add some actual member experience (as far as I can not join this website, I will just quote what other people are telling about CrownGPT and will give you the payment proof links).

For those, how think that is a scam – I must disappoint you and tell that this GPT website is a pure make money opportunity, the one you can not actually miss out. Just hold on and read what people are telling about this paid to try website. Payment – 1

Well here’s some info then (this is based on the user experience, I would like to tell you again that I can not work with CrownGPT, even if I want it badly):

So officially was created and opened in October, 2009. Unlike other huge get paid to websites, where you get a lot of members, huge support forums (and usually less admin support), this GPT website is made for the better support for members, it’s a smaller GPT website, which allows you to click ads (view sponsored advertisements) and sign up for various offers.

Every day click is worth $0.05, and you can visit up to 18 sponsored ads per day. As for the offers, the average price per completed offer or sign up is about $0.60, but there are some that are worth points as well. Payment – 2

The amount of offers varies between countries (as I have already told you at the beginning), US & Ca members can expect to complete more offers, get paid for them more and expect the offer list to enlarge.

So it is very easy to earn money here, and if you are working with Crown GPT, expect to get your earned money fast, because the cashout is set just at $5. All money with be sent through Paypal, and another good thing about getting paid by is that they pay instantly (no need to wait for your money).

Administrators seem to be pretty nice and they even pay you to show your first payment proof on their forum (you receive $0.50 for your payment proof screenshot, but it’s still stimulating).

In my guide (earning money with GPT) I have told you that it is almost impossible to make a lot of money online without referrals, but it’s a bit different here, at, because here you can at least earn something, even if you do not have any referrals.

Average member (with no referrals) can earn approximately $0.90 per day (only by doing daily offers). This sum can be doubled, if you decide to complete other surveys and offers for money. So in such a pace you can actually request a cashout every 6 days, which sounds pretty good to me.

As for referrals, for every member, who join this get paid to website by using your referral link, you will receive extra money. Here at, the referral bonus is set at 15%. (This means if you have 5 friends, which will do nothing, but daily surveys, and you refer them to this website – you will earn extra 5$ per week, which means you double your earnings with this website).

But the fun with referral system doesn’t stop here, you will also receive money for your referral’s referrals (2 tier referral system). From such members, you will get 5% of their revenue.

I have told you, that alongside with money, you will receive bonus points, which could be later on redeemed to gift cards (which is very good, because you can actually make use of your bonus points).

Another good things about the admin – he put a shoutbox for members, which is pretty active all day long (so you can actually chat with admin and ask him questions in real time).

If you do decide to refer some friends and relatives, make sure you don’t use the same computer or IP address. has set a strict limit of one account per household.

Anyways, this is another great opportunity for those, who are looking forward to making money online. As for the International members, you can make money by clicking ads with, which is a great PTW (get paid to) website (and I have been paid by it many times).

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