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The whole concept of making money over the Internet is getting more and more popular and I do hope it does not get over saturated very soon. In this blog, which is concentrated on reviewing websites, which allow Internet users to earn money from home, I am trying to leave all possible information, which is connected with “work from home” niche.

Sometimes I tend to find pretty cool websites and start the make money online buzz (I just love the idea that thousands of readers found out about earning money with through and this number is only rising, I feel myself as a trendsetter). But there are way more fun ways of getting paid for something we do on the Internet, and earning money with Internet surveys totally matches such description.

If you are not familiar with get paid to (GPT) websites, but would really like to know how getting paid for trying products and filling in surveys is possible, just read my tutorial, where I explain everything according to my personal experience.

When I have first started completing offers online for money, I have thought – “well, it doesn’t look like it’s going to work, but hey, it definitely won’t hurt to try!”. After several hours of hard work I managed to earn about twenty dollars, which was pretty good for me, and that is how I started figuring out how web survey business works (everything was the same with Amazon Mturk, when I spend hours and hours on finding the best data entry job opportunity, but in the end earned the money I wanted).

Start earning by registering at review and payment proof

Well, today I have a post-update about, which I consider to be a pretty nice get paid to website (I have been using it for a while now and there has been a review – this is where you can find detailed information on making money with free surveys and offers).

Benefits of making money by completing offers with

  1. Earn points, make money by completing free offers, playing simple games, referring new members and participating in contests.
  2. With you get to choose your own rewards – you can request your money to be sent to your PayPal account or pick free reward prizes from any category at
  3. Payments are processed in minutes and ships orders on daily basis
  4. There are even more money to be made by referring friends. Every member referred to Points2Shop will give you $1.00 to your account right away then 15% of referral’s earnings will be accumulated in your account
  5. Over a million members can’t be wrong about, why do you still miss out our chance?

Actually I don’t see any reasons to prove you how cool earning money with is. I just love the idea of getting paid within 48 hours.

Yesterday just for a little test, I have requested a cashout of 1.5$ (equals to one simple survey/offer completed) and what do you think? My money came over the night, and here is a screenshot of my PayPal notification email. proof of payment and registration link

Thank you for reading my blog and hopefully you will like to start earning money with Points2Shop. Also I think that is a great website for those, who are interested in GPT niche (check out review). Don’t forget to subscribe and leave your comments regarding Points2Shop or any other post.

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