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Earn Extra Money for Writing Photoshop Tutorials for

Among a large variety of work at home opportunities the creating content for money has taken one of the key positions. As for me, this way of earning money online is a favorite of at least one third of all people, who make a living on the Internet: freelancers, stay at home moms and dads, marketers and entrepreneurs.

Any writer, who can create well researched, keyword rich and informative articles will always be able to make money online for free. In order to get started with this earning opportunity you need to possess a good writing ability, research skills and a subject you specialize in.

Today I would like to present a money-making opportunity for writers, who are keen on web design, photoshop and related technology. A very popular design community is looking forward by buying fresh content from experienced writers. The website is called and by visiting it you will see what type of content is featured there. - make money with photoshop

Currently the owners of this project are willing to pay money for such articles and tutorials:

– photoshop articles, tutorials and how-to guides;

– content featuring inspiration and top-lists;

– overviews of best vector and icon sets;

– other exciting design and photoshop-related content, e.g. photo packs and texture packs.

One should keep in mind that owners of this project are looking for fresh content and creative ideas and are willing to pay good money for the best staff. I would highly recommend contacting the project managers and discussing the price of your work before starting to write articles or photoshop tutorials for

Over the past month I managed to find a good deal of writing opportunities, so I am thinking about updating a list of best websites, which give money to write tutorials and how-to guides. As for now, owners pay money via PayPal, so you need to have an account in order to get paid.

Also, if you don’t like writing about photoshop and web design but still wish to earn money at home by writing content, you can check out other money-making opportunities such as: – it is my favorite website for earning cash by writing content. They work on revenue sharing basis and you don’t have to be a professional writer in order to get paid here.

Free writing opportunities for freelancers – yet another good list of websites, where beginner and experienced writers can earn money from home by producing content.

Hopefully this article was useful to you and you will be able to start to make money online for free. I am working on finding more legit work at home opportunities, so if you want to receive them for free to your inbox, please subscribe to free of charge.

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