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Earn Maximum Revenue by Uploading Documents and Achieves to

Free ways to make money online – how many of them do you know? As for me, I can make up a list of several dozen on such opportunities and the reason is – I am talking about work from home techniques, not sites, which help us earn money from home.

Making money from home attracts a lot of users, who have some time to spend on such an activity and personally I am addicted to Internet based business. I did try out almost all free work from home techniques and I have to admit that “paid to upload” technique attracts me the most.

Even though this way of earning is my personal favorite, I do not like all the sites, which offer money for sharing and uploading files. Nothing in perfect in this world and there are definitely paid to upload services, which are trying to scam and cheat their users.


The above statement makes me continue my search for honest paid data hosting services, preferably with good earning potential and I think I have found a new addition and it is named

What provides a different user experience at

At first glance, seems like dozens of “get paid to share” websites I wrote about before. Here users are free to upload documents (photos, videos, software, zip achieves and music, as soon as these files comply with the TOS of up to 1GB large. In additions, registered earners have the access to such valuable features as multiple file upload, secure uploading/sharing, data loss protection, split archives support and many more. Finally, ReFile gives us an incredible opportunity to share download links to our files and get money for every completed download from any computer in the world. - paid to upload

For some experienced uploaders and users, who have quite a lot of experience in the “get paid to share” business, such a set up could seem familiar, but here are some things and features, which make ReFile totally different from other data sharing websites you have tried before.

First of all, I would like to stress on the referral program. Registered users have the ability to invite their friends or family members to join ReFile and start getting money for paid uploads too. The referral program pays for ref orders on 10 levels, this means that you will be getting money from your referrals’ revenue, but also from cash earned by their friends (it is a 10-tier referral program, unbelievable actually).

Second of all, built-in analytics require special attention from the users. I mentioned advanced users above on purpose, there are web-masters and uploaders, who want to track not only the number of their downloads, but also the quality of their traffic and calculate the percentage of sales generated by their visitors.

Get paid for referrals at

So, built-in analytics tell the user which links are more or less frequently visited and helps them to locate broken links and uploaded files, which don’t bring revenue at all. On top of this, you can find the “Top Traffic Referrals” menu, which will show you the detailed referring URLs with expendable stats. rates and payments

Right now pays up to $5.00 for every 1000 file downloads and rewards users with a stunning 25% referral bonus. members get paid on monthly basis (on 15th of each calendar month) and the only supported cashout system is PayPal.

As you can see, is a paid file sharing website with a twist. The owners of this service have come with some unique solutions for both up-loaders and referrers and have made their service suitable for both. I am looking forward to testing this website for my file sharing needs with high hopes for generating some decent revenue here. sounds promising, even though I has recently opened its doors for both money-makers and simple users.


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