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Earn Money by Answering Questions at

Every one in a while I come across incredible ways of making money from home. Last year I spotted a unique money maker – paid to upload website, which is called I have made a lot of money with it, so I am still in the search of great ways to earn money online for free.

As for me, there is one pretty popular make money online concept, which is sure to attract a lot of new earners. Here I mean paid to answer websites, services, where people receive money for sharing their knowledge by means of answering questions.

How to make money by answering questions?

Various Q&A (question – answer) websites are created to help people get quality answers to their questions, but sometimes even by using such giants as Yahoo Answers one can’t find the right answer to the question.

This is the place, where paid to answer websites come handy, in particular, which pays its users to answer user questions and give online advice. So how to make money by answering questions for free with Everything is easy. You have an incredible chance to create a free account at this website and start browsing questions. - make money by answering questions

As soon as you find the question you can answer, you can bid on it – name the amount of money you want to get for answering this online question (additionally, you will have to state why you are the best candidate for this task). If the asker approves your bid, you will have time to provide a quality answer to the question asked.

If the poster of the question is satisfied – you get the money for the job (but a 30% fee will be deduced from the sum). If we compare to other paid to answer questions sites, is a good competitor in the market.

The minimum cashout at BidAnswer is equal to 10 dollars and all payments are processed with the help of PayPal payment system. Even thought I have just registered with this paid to answer site, I do like it already and hope to make some good money by sharing my knowledge and giving advice on the web.

This type of making money online for free will sure draw crowds and more people will be earning cash in such a way. Thanks for reading my another post about yet another free way of making money online, feel free to rate, comment and subscribe for new posts.


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