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[Expired] Earn Money For free With Twitter and Url Shortening Service

I am pretty lucky to have a large audience of people interested in making money online, so I don’t always get to look through dozens of work from home opportunities, sometimes my fellow readers email me with a suggestion for the next review, this is pretty nice of you guys.

Making money with Twitter is a topic, which gained a supreme popularity over a pretty short period of time. Twitter users got very excited about the ability of earning money with their micero-blogging platforms, so now twitter account owners have several ways of monetizing their micro-blog pages, some of them are: sponsored tweets, setting advertisers’ background, making money with twitter traffic or even using special URL shorteners, which pay money for ad views.

I am pretty sure you have read about sponsored tweets and other free ways of making money at twitter, but today I would like to review a custom URL shortener, which was developed to bring the top-notch earning opportunity to all popular twitter users.

How to make money by sharing Links?

One member left me a link to and said that this was one of the best money-making techniques for twitter users, so I did go to check it out (I have to note that I am just starting to earn with this website, so there is no payment proof for me to provide). Anyways, is a brand new service, which allows to turn any long url into a short one and in addition it allows to make money by sharing links on the Internet, as for me, Twitter is the best website for this service. url shortener pays money for sharing links

Unlike other url shorteners, which pay money for sharing links at users get money not on pay per view basis, but on cost-per-acquisition basis. To make it clear, if someone purchases a service through an ad, placed on your url redirection link, you will get a revenue share (users receive 70%-80% of the revenue), sounds simple, provided the owners of don’t use annoying pop-ups or pop-unders as advertising options.

All affiliates have an additional way of making money – by referring friends or other people interested in making money with their twitter accounts by sharing links. The shrtn affiliate program allows us to make an additional 5% of the money made by people referred by us.

Right now there is a withdrawal limit, which is equal to $10 and I do hope that it is not very hard to reach. So far payments are completed on the 1st day of the month via PayPal, but additionally users can donate their earnings to charity, which is always very nice.

Thanks for reading, looks like a pretty nice way to make free money with your twitter visitors. Try to use it as an alternative to other redirect services and I do hope that we all will be able to rock some cash. Also, I would really like to hear your thoughts about this website, so I am looking forward to your comments.


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