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Earn Money over the Internet by Writing Blogger Tutorials at

The whole idea of earning cash over the Internet is growing every day, several years ago I found it hard to find topics for my blog, but now with so many work from home opportunities on the market, I find it hard to catch up with the make money online market, but I am doing my best to pass all possible ways of earning money in your free time.

In my previous posts I claimed that earning money with GPT and freelance writing jobs could be considered the easiest means of Internet business. There are some reasons for me to think so, such websites pay us for something we do almost every day, and if you are a pretty good writer, you can easily make a fortune online by writing your own blog or by writing and selling your articles to rich guys.

Speaking of freelance writing jobs, I have a new opportunity I would like to write about today. is a powerful resource for those, who have their own blogs at and want to make their websites look fancier. This Blogspot portal has many interesting articles not only about tuning up your blog, but also helpful tips for those, you are starting up their websites and need qualified help.

So the offer is, if you are have valuable experience with blogging @ and feel like sharing it for money, is ready to pay you for your Blogger how-to guide or can even hire your as a full time blogger.

Earn by writing articles about blogging at

Earn Money Writing Articles At All Blog Tools

Being brief, AllBlogTools is looking for how to guides and articles, which explain how to tune up and extend the functionality of Internet blogging platform. News and general blogger tips are also accepted, so if you have some blogger experience, why not share it with those, you are just starting up.

For now, here is a list of topics supported by AllBlogTools:

  • Blogging tutorials and how to’s in general
  • Blogger and tips and tricks
  • Search engine optimization and Blogger Seo
  • Earning make money with blogs, especially ones hosted on
  • All possible Blogger news, including platform

As for the rules, I will give you a fast description, but the full list could be found at AllBlogTools. Here you can submit only original articles, which have been written by you and have not been published anywhere. All the sources should be credited, unless you are the owner of the idea or the author of the mod/script/addon.

If you have your own blog and it have relevant information, you can give it a credit and add some links. In addition, if you have more then one article to publish, you can become regular writer and have your author page set up (author page will contain you author bio box and the link to your personal website).

For writing and submitting articles to AllBlogTools you get several benefits:

  1. Your submitted and published article will contain your Google Adsense code, which means you get to monetize the traffic from
  2. As a blog writer and owner you can get a link from high traffic website. As for me, traffic is always better then money, because high traffic website will earn your more
  3. Depending on your work, you can receive extra cash bonuses from AllBlogTools admin (this will be discussed tet-a-tet)

As you can see, earning money by writing is possible, especially if you need not just money for your work, but also interested visitors and maybe readers, who will subscribe to your website and will give you even bigger cash benefits.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog. I am very glad that my review is about to hit 20,000 member views and it makes me feel great that all my work is valued by my readers.

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