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Earn Money Uploading and Sharing your Media Files

I have a short update to make, making money onine by sharing files has got very popular nowadays, that is why I have created a new category, just for this case. You can check out all posts related to earning money with files by using the link above.

Most of us know about Rapishare and Megaupload. We usually use these file sharing services, when we need to send something to deliver a digital product faster. With this post I want to prove you that making money from Internet could be easy and fun sometimes.

How would you react if I will tell you that you can get loads of cash uploading your digital goodies, including : images, wallpaper, favorite ring tones and MP3 tunes? Still thing it’s insane and impossible, then you are on the way to discover this brand new income opportunity.

Recently I have found websites that will pay you to share your digital goodies online. How is that possible? Most of sites like RapidShare have a lot of advertisements and sponsors, so they can afford you pay you for your uploads. They will reward you with certain amount of money for every 1000 file views or downloads. That won’t be that hard to generate 5000 downloads a day if you share something really cool and promote it on such sites as MySpace, FaceBook or any other social network or public forum.

If you are ready to start earning with this method, then take a look at paid file-hosting websites :

Number One :

Ziddu is a comparatively new file-sharing website, but I think it’s a great income opportunity . Ziddu has a lot of advantages you can really enjoy : their servers are lightning fast, almost no upload limit (200 Mb upload limit) and they pay you money! Also, I have enjoyed their website design and and user-friendly interface. Now about cash rewards, you will get $0.001 per every file download or 10$ for 10000 downloads. Money will get sent by PayPal or MoneyBookers as soon as you reac the withdrawal limit.

Number Two :

Another cool paid fine hosting is called Bizhat. I have done some research on this one and I have to admit that their service attracts more and more people daily (because this a brand new opportunity everyone wants to try).

Bizhat is pretty similar to other ones I will talk about here. You will get free 1 dollar just for signing up, so that would be easier for you to cashout. Bizhat pays you  10$ for every 10000 unique IP downloads. As soon as you accumulate enought money to cash out (5$), BizHat will pay you to your PayPal or MoneyBookers account. Registration is extremely easy, just follow the link above or below and fill in the application. That won’t take a lot of time, so you can start earning faster.

Number Three : Easy-Share

Easy-Share is another file share hosting that could make you some good money. Easy-Share will pay you 10 bucks per 10000 download but however you will need to have a premium account in order to cash out your money. You will get free premium account if you generate 15000 downloads in 30 days. I do recommend joining Easy-Share because they have really fast download speed and payout. And you have to admit that a lot of people are making fortunes with this site 🙂

Enjoy this brand new income opportunity and leave us your feedback if you have something to say about paid file hostings.

Short update: More and more websites are paying people for downloads, earning with is a great example.


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