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[Expired] Way to Earn by Uploading Images, Videos and Documents – Review

I have already told all of you that earning money on the Internet doesn’t require a lot of experience, if you pick easy ways of making money from home. In this work from home blog I feature various ways of earning cash from home, so you will be able to find the best information on how to get paid for doing Internet work.

Update: is closed now. Please check out “Get paid to upload” category for similar websites.

If you are just starting up with Internet business and making money at home I would much recommend to earn money by uploading and sharing documents on the net. This technique is pretty easy to carry out and as far as I can see, it is pretty popular among all types of Internet businessmen (some newbies earn by uploading files, but I am not a newbie and I did set up myself a great money-making system with free document hosting websites).

How to upload documents to and earn money?

Paid to upload service -

And now lets talk about It is a free data hosting website, this means you can upload your interesting files to, host them for free and even get money when your files and documents are downloaded (if you register yourself an affiliate account).

Here users are allowed to upload files with the size of up to 2Gb (and total of 20Gb of free storage), which is very good, because affiliates receive more money for sharing large documents. With you can make up to $25 for one thousand file downloads (see table below to find out how affiliate earnings depend on the country of the visitor and the size of the file).

Well, the point of making money with paid to upload sites is pretty simple, you just have to find some good freebies, upload them to and spread the download links (this could be done through Internet forums, blogs and community websites).

Pay-per-download rates at

Apart from making money by uploading files and promoting download links you can earn money by inviting your friends to For every member, who uses your referral link and starts earning money with Mount File you will receive 30% of their earnings (awesome rates, I must say, if you compare to other paid to upload services).

With you get money for downloads from all countries and can request your cashout anytime, provided you have reached the payout limit of 20$. All payments are completed by PayPal.

Anyways, is a great paid to upload service and I do hope that I will be able to make some good money with it. I am using various free data hosting websites and making good money with pay to upload sites (for example, not that long ago I received yet another payment from

Thanks for reading my blog, if you are willing to know about new ways of earning money at home (and possibly receive updates about – subscribe to and I will email new posts to you for free.

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