Emoderation.com – Online Job for Community Managers and Moderators

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Rapid development of Internet and web based programs creates thousands of job opportunities, which can be taken up and done from the comfort of you own home. Working at online jobs is the best deal for work at home parents, students and people, who pressed for money and would like to earn a decent part-time income.

Huge online communities are being worked on by multiple people and usually their task comes down to moderation and filtering unwanted information (based on community guidelines and terms of service).

Еmoderation.com serves as a linking unit between website/community owners and workers, who are willing to make extra cash by doing moderation work online.

Еmoderation is a professional company, which trains online moderators and finds clients for them. Right now you can visit their recruitment page and find out more about this opportunity and if it’s suitable for you, send your application here: http://www.emoderation.com/recruitment.

This company offers flexible hours, which is great news but we were not able to find out how much an average community manager can earn per hour.



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But all in all, based on our Internet research Еmoderation is a legitimate employer, which provides great opportunities to web surfers. If you happen to have any luck with this company, please let us know with the help of our comment section located below.

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