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In modern technological era more companies are trying to launch their digital products and services, as such move provides a great chance to reach to a wider audience with substantially lower investments.

But launching a successful website or application requires a lot of hard work, planning and debugging. That is why companies do not spare their budgets on developers and usability testers. And this is definitely great news for technological savvies and people, who consider themselves experts in some field of IT studies, as they can get hired to perform usability tests for money.

Currently a company called Enrollapp is looking for such experts.

What is

Enrollapp is a company, which fit their main aim into a bit cliché phrase – making the web a better place for everyone. It is true that many websites need to be updated according to modern user requirements and Enrollapp is created to help developers see what users expect from a website in a certain niche.

On this company recruits new usability testers, who can apply and earn money internationally.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please visit this page to find out more about the offer:

It should be stated that Enrollapp is a part-time income opportunity for tech lovers. Like many other usability testing websites it works on the “first come – first serve” principle, so you’d better check your email frequently or try working for several UI testing companies simultaneously.

Speaking of other companies, which hire people willing to perform usability testing, we have already reviewed some of them:
:,, UserIntelligence,,,,,

Enrollapp pays a certain amount of money for every test you perform. On their website you can launch a demo test and get paid via PayPal once your balance reaches just $1.

Please let us know your thoughts about the opportunity and don’t forget to share you experience of working at Enrollapp.

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