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[Expired] Earn Money Writing Short Funny Episodes from Your Life at

I’m pretty that many of you have already tried making money online writing articles. It’s a pretty cool way to earn some extra cash in your spare time. Most of such websites ask you to write niche reviews, so this leaves out no choice to creative and funny persons, who like making up stuff.

Being such a person, I find especially entertaining for those who like getting in trouble. Personally I have just a lot of stories I tell my friends to entertain them, and I bet you do too.

So why don’t you forget about your boring freelance writing jobs for a while and check out the opportunity offered by EpifFunnies.

ePIFfunny is a small publishing agency, which is looking for new funny stories from your everyday life. They pay up to $15 per epiphanie. And I think you can write as many as you know (but don’t make stuff up). But it’s not the end, if your submission is chosen as an “ePIFfunny of the Week”, they will send you a you will also a free copy of a previously published ePIFfunnies book.

What does it take to write a funny story?
You got to understand that your article must be one of a kind, so you’d better be:

  • funny
  • clever
  • insightful
  • original

As I have already told you, the story must be based on your actual experience. This offer does sound interesting to me, and I may give it a try, everything depends on how much free time I have today.

Anyways, making money online with article writing or short reviews its a great way to monetize and spend some good time. It doesn’t hurt to sit and write down your favorite story, and maybe you will find your actual fans or even sponsors.  Making money is almost always about luck, so just try out

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