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Finding work at home opportunities takes a lot of time and practice, as many listings get expired, employers forget to erase old job opportunities or some of them just don’t seem to match your needs.

Luckily, we have spent years looking for online work for us (as most of people writing for this blog are working at home and making a full time income with the help of our computers). Many of us are paid writers, journalists or testers but we never waste a moment to earn extra buck, so we can’t pass by a virtual assisting gig offered by

What is is a service providing personal assistance to people, who need part-time workers to run their errands in order to meet deadlines or free up some time for other projects of theirs.

Virtual assisting jobs at

This company has a team of well-trained personal assistants, who make phone calls, check out websites, do research or fulfill other tasks listed by FancyHands clients. Recently we stumbled upon one listing saying that now they are hiring virtual assistants. Let’s learn more about this online job.

Applying for a personal assistant job

Before applying for this job, here is a list of requirements for the job:

– communication skills: as you will be working as a personal manager, you will have to be able to find common ground with the Fancy Hand’s clients and do research for them (in case of it requires calling);

– computer knowledge: not a big deal these days (a computer hooked up to a reliable Internet connection)

– time management skills: you are to schedule your own day in order to get everything done in time.

More about this opportunity and a link to an application form could be found on this page:

Further reading is a very similar website but it involves offline work. The idea for the job is to give professionals an opportunity to earn money by running errands for other people. Learn more about the site from our review.

Roundup and final thoughts

Virtual assisting is a very good part-time online job for those, who like doing research and doing tasks, which involve making calls and communicating with people. We have searched the Internet and have come up with no evidence that is a scam, so we can claim that the company is legit and safe to apply to (we even found some feedback from people, who actually work for the company).

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