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The variety of freelance jobs and tasks is simply stunning. Every day workers all over the world use their computers and Internet connections for contacting employers worldwide and completing jobs, which they have in store.
Becoming a self-employed contractor is a challenging task, which every person, who works at home, had to overcome in his/her life. But before, everyone interested in the Internet-earning opportunities must find a specialization, something to offer to employers.
While this search is in process, using job boards and work marketplaces is the best option. They will help you to gain experience and get the feel of working from home (either for fun, experience, extra money or to kill the time). Amazon Mturk is one of the best resources in this niche, as they provide people with a chance to earn small amounts of money by doing quick jobs, which cannot be accomplished by computers.

This opportunity is open only to residents of United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. For other similar sites but for international users please check out “Usability testing job leads” category


What is provides a usability testing service to website owners or companies willing to improve their visitors’ user experience. Usability improvement is a crying need for websites with high bounce rates, so services like FeedbackArmy should have a lot of customers at this point.

Methods to earn by testing sites at

This service uses Amazon Mturk service to hire usability testers and claim that their reviewers come only from the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom (this is bad news for international testers, who would like to make money by testing websites – but these can always check out other similar services in the “Further reading” section).

Taking up usability testing jobs

Feedback Army recruits their testers only via Amazon’s Mturk project. So, in order to apply for this opportunity, you will have to create an account on and look though the latest usability testing HITs. A cash reward for every completed website review is equal to $10. All money earned on Mturk can be used for shopping on or withdrawn to your bank account within a week. credibility

We have learned about not very long ago and there is nothing negative we can say about this project. They deal with website reviews and provided they outsource their work to Mturk, then they are 100% legit because Amazon’s Mturk project has been paying for years and you are totally save using this service.
Further reading – a very interesting Amazon project, which has both fans and neglecters. The main idea for the project was to create a platform for finding workers for tasks, which cannot be accomplished by computers. Usually these include data entry, writing, testing, reviewing, matching and other tasks requiring human brains. is an alternative website for testing websites for money. They have one evident advantage over – international members are eligible to become testers at TryMyUI.

Roundup and final thoughts

If you are into reviewing websites and specialize in web design, programming or have experience building sites, then you can easily monetize your skills by performing reviews for Registering for Mturk and finding jobs for website reviews won’t take a lot of your time, as well as reviews, which take usually 15-20 minutes to accomplish. That is why we consider usability testing services a good source of part-time job leads and extra money for every web user.

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