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Find Freelance for Free and Make Money Online – Review

Here, on I write about all possible ways of making money from home. I confess that some of these working jobs require some special technical skills or knowledge, but others don’t, so in this make money online blog you will be able to find pretty useful information on how to earn some cash over the Internet.

In my previous posts I mentioned micro freelance jobs. Well, let me start from the beginning, one of the easiest ways of earning money from home is to become a self-hired freelancer (that’s what my today’s post will be about). But as far as I am targeting this blog for make money online and work from home newbies I wanted to write about quick micro freelance working jobs. To tell the truth there is a whole lot of such websites, which pay you money for completing all possible online freelance jobs.

Most of the time these include freelance writing jobs, local freelance tasks (for example work for freelancers in the USA or UK), programming jobs and other Internet based tasks. You must understand that there are a lot of companies and webmasters, who will pay good money for your work, this could be all types of online freelance tasks, and I have just mentioned some of them (also you can check out my category called “Get paid to write”, where I have listed a whole lot of posts about making money with freelance blogging and writing jobs).

According to my personal experience, it is not that hard to make a pretty good freelancer, you can start with micro freelance jobs (which could be found on various webmaster and make money online forums or for this your can use all possible free-lance and e-lance marketplaces and this is the point where I want to start writing about, which is a place where advertisers meet hard workers and it allows us make money from home by competing various jobs on the Internet).

Make money as a freelancer at

How to make money by doing easy freelance jobs at

Well, first of all, I would like to tell you that is a pretty large and reputed freelance marketplace, so you are pretty much guaranteed to get some good jobs and start making money with them. But keep in mind that your portfolio could play a large role here, so make sure you do some research on this, if you consider making cash with seriously. Here freelance workers can fill in an online application and wait for some offers from the contractors or start looking through the applications yourself.

Here advertisers are looking for qualified freelance workers and for value for money, here I mean that they will be looking for top-class work for a reasonable price. With Odesk people can make money by completing such Internet based jobs:

  • Web Development
  • Writing & Translation (freelance writing jobs online)
  • Customer Service
  • Software Development
  • Administrative Support
  • Sales & Marketing (freelance copywriter jobs)
  • Networking & Information Systems
  • Design & Multimedia
  • Business Services (seo from freelancers)

So, as far as you can see, is a pretty nice website for finding freelance writing (well, any types of these) jobs. I have not checked on the possible amount of money by can make being a free-lance worker at, but here almost everything depends on you. Well, thanks for reading my blog, I hope that will work out for you, but if you are willing to find more freelance writing opportunities, check out one of my categories. To conclude, I would like to tell that I will be writing more about making money from home, so subscribing to could be a pretty nice idea.



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