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Make Money Online Posting On Public Forums – Review

With the rapid growth of Internet, the number of online jobs is growing constantly too. Who would have ever thought that one would be able to make money for something they already do.

Do you use public forums and message boards?

I bet you do, but did you know that you can make good cash posting on forums? People from all over the world ask for virtual assistance on Internet message boards. This information is very valuable, and established forum owners get a lot of cash for advertisements, they make a lot of money – so they can afford to pay you!

This is a huge business and it has been proved that forums generate more money (because users visit it almost every day). Also forums update every day, so search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN like public boards a lot.


How to earn with is a paid forum posting marketplace where posters and advertisers meet. In order to become a poster and earn cash online, you should:

  1. Create 5 sample posts (topics or replies) in ForumBooster forums. This is needed to evaluate your posting skills and the level of competency.
  2. When you are finished posting, you can go ahead and fill in the poster application.
  3. Now they would decide whether you can start working or not.

The minimum salary is 0.1$ per post, but your pay will be lifted to $0.15 when you reach 50 posts. There are no strict requirements on the amount of posts to be made per day, when I was working for them, I averaged 150 posts per day.

More ways to earn with

A lot of stuff has changed since I first reviewed this website, now you can even get money for writing short reviews and articles. Basically you can get 5-15$ per article, but it goes without saying that the quality must be superior.

My personal experience with Forum Booster.

I have been working with FB for over 3 months in 2008. I had no problem with them, there were tons and tons of jobs to apply for and I was easily making 12$ per hour posting on forums. My favorite topici is computer stuff, so it was a lot of fun to share my knowledge and get 0.15$ per post made. Basically I was creating about 150-200 posts a day, which took me not more then 3 hours a day. I have got money from them a week upon withdrawal and was and still is glad that I have tried this company. Nowadays, I don’t really know whether they have that many jobs available, and some people claim that this website is no longer paying.

I will do my best to find out more, or will even contact the administrator to see what it’s all about. But for now, I think that is a great place where you can get paid to post on public forums.


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