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Free Way to Upload Your Files and Earn with Every Download – Review

Day after day new free ways to make money at home are introduced. Usually these ways and earning techniques are more creative and provide higher money-making potential, that’s why older ones gradually lose their popularity.

When I was starting up my Internet business, free paid surveys was one of the most popular techniques for earning money from home. All my friends were talking about such opportunity, but most of them, unfortunately, considered earning money by trying products and doing surveys to be a scam.


More then a year ago one of the most popular free data hosting website called started its revenue sharing system, started to pay for file uploads. Almost half a year later, everyone seemed to start talking about making money with document uploads and downloads.

How to earn uploading files for free?

So lets follow the threads and take a look at another, brand new file hosting website, which offers money for every completed download. is the name of this promising paid to upload website. Free users are capable of uploading files up to 200MB large (doesn’t look like a lot of storage) and this file will be stored on their servers for free (if it doesn’t generate any downloads throughout 60 days’ period, the file will be removed from the system).

Get paid to upload at FilesIn

It is very hard to compare to other branded get paid to upload websites, which offer up to 40 dollar per 1000 downloads (this is the best pay per download rate so far). But I think I should be nicer to the owners of this website, Filesin is a totally new and free service, which has its own advantages. – genuine get paid to upload opportunity?

Here users receive 4 dollars for every 1000 completed downloads, but the main advantage of this paid to upload program is that you will be paid for downloads from all countries, with no restrictions. The minimum withdrawal limit is pretty low too: paid uploaders need only $10 in their account in order to receive money from Filesin.

Furthermore, Filesin offers additional work from home opportunities for uploaders – users can get extra money for referring new members and generating visits to their referral links (1 dollar will be awarded for every 1000 link visits).

Filesin pays via bank transfer and money-bookers, which could be considered as a slight disadvantage. I am only starting to make money with Filesin and don’t have any weighty reputation to rest upon.

I am not affiliated with this website and this review is based on my first impression. If you have any information to share about this get padi to upload website, don’t hesitate to use the comment form below. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to my free make money online blog.

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