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Every day I have to deal with a lot of people on the Internet, I have started this make money online and work from home blog a long time ago and so far I have gained a good deal of active readers, who just love to stuff my inbox with make money online and get paid to related questions.

They ask me how to started making money from home and how long it took me to reach such level. I did start with freelance writing jobs online and filling in surveys, but back then I didn’t have that many earning opportunities and I want to tell that nowadays, it is way easier to get paid for doing Internet work (in particular earn money writing articles and short stories).

So, today I want to show you one website, which should answer this frequently asked question – “How to make money online by writing articles and reviews?“. Getting paid for writing articles is pretty easy, you can choose between websites, which deal only with this type of Internet jobs ( is one of such services) and can give you some work, or find advertisers youself and earn money with freelance writing.

Get paid to write articles and reviews at

Make money by writing content at

In order to make money writing, you need some writing skills (most of the time these include, perfect grammar knowledge, topic awareness and the ability to keep the reader excited). Thought my blogging career I have met a lot of newbies, who could write awesome stories and articles (without having any experience or degree in journalism), but they have never heard about the ability of working from home by writing.

So how to how to make money writing at First of all, you need to check out their terms and conditions (as far as I have read that some professional freelance writers and copywriters have some problems with getting paid from, so be careful, not just with this website, but with all make money online projects).

Therefore, I have read that users like to earn money by writing articles and reviews with this website (, because here there is a whole lot of niche articles, which require only 150-300 word writing pieces (these take less time for writing and give you good money). Also, doesn’t list their earning rates for online writing jobs, but I have done a lot of research to find how much can we earn by writing and the answer is that users get 1.5-3 cents per every word (which adds up to $2.5-$9 per article).

In my future posts I will answer other questions, including “How to make money writing a blog?”, but I hope that you liked my review of and I do hope that you will start getting paid for writing with this site pretty soon. They will pay you to your PayPal account as soon as you reach $10 (which adds up to 2-3 written articles).

I do hope that this article was informative enough for you, and I wish you good luck in making money by writing content. There will be more posts of this type pretty soon, so don’t forget to subscribe to (also, if you have questions about content writing jobs at, feel free to leave your comments).


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